How to write a professional article that will increase your website's ranking on Google?

How to free search results 2022- seo 2023

If you are interested in the field of SEO , you must learn every day and always strive to have professional skills, but in the beginning you must realize that there is no magic way to get your website on the first page of Google!

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Although this is done in the search engines through complex algorithms and it takes a lot of effort to convince Google that your website or page deserves one of the first places.

To do this, you need to know the key points you are making about writing  a professional article  , focus on the target words that the topic is prepared on, and display the ideas you want to include in the article on the topic from a new one , clear viewing angle!! Therefore, you must first fully know the important points in this article…

Learn the steps to writing a professional article: 

First  :

Determine the type of article, ie you choose the topic you are going to write about. For example, you are writing an e-marketing article, an educational article, or a news article.


Choose the keyword that you want to appear in the search results and of course according to your area of ​​expertise, and one of the  best SEO tools  that will allow you to choose the most suitable word for you in the search rate is   Kwfinder -  Google Trends    and Of course, the most well-known of these is   , through which you can search for the most accurate results. This will help you when you have large projects and need accurate results that are the most appropriate interaction for your area on your website. to wink


It is better to choose the word "trend" or "famous" when writing the article. Because it is the most searched during this period and thus helps you to improve the ranking of your website on Google.  

Fourth  :

Try to make the images exclusive and new to help you show the article and you can also support the article with a video from Youtube so that the readers will like it and the article will get proof and the veracity of it what you wrote in the article.


Content Content is one of the most important factors that search engines rely on when ranking the website or blog in general. It must be unique, non-plagiarized, valuable and contain useful information for the visitor, and this proverb explains what we say: 

Write for your audience, not just for the search engine. Search engines don't buy your product audience  

 After these basic important points about writing an article ... now we will help you to know the places where it is preferable to place targeted words to get your site in the results of the first search engines, namely:

1- Address: 

The most important feature of the article is the title of the article itself. The title of the article has to be very descriptive and distinctive, and the title of the article can only be between 60 and 70 characters long! And including the main keyword that shows up in the search engine results using the tools mentioned at the beginning .and

2- Introduction  :

The first paragraph in the topic is the most important paragraph; Since you are explaining what the article is talking about, it is preferable that the keyword is in the first paragraph (first 15 words) of the article and also in the last paragraph. And what it will contain in a simplified form, without putting the article's conclusions to the test, then presents the questions that need to be discussed in the article.  


It is highly recommended that the article link contains the main keyword as this will help the website appear on the first few pages of search engines. 
Good link example:

Bad example: no

4- Headline:

Headings are written this way: (Headings: H1 - H2 - H3 - H4 - H5 - H6) When you share an article, it is divided into many paragraphs, and each paragraph has its own title and is divided into subheadings, and main headings , and it is preferable to use H1 only once in the article.

5- Alternative image:

There is a brief explanation of the image you are including in the article that gives a brief and attractive detail about the content or title of the article, and there is the word alt text when you enter the image properties to help with searching Search engine results on your website .

6- Description (meta description and search engines)​

It is the description of the item as it appears in Google search, made up of the title and short short description, and it is not recommended to change the title, but it is recommended to write an attractive description, and if you search , the following will appear: the title of the topic - the link to the site or blog - the name of the site - and part of the topic, and you must consider the target keyword, and the number of metas must be between 300 and 350 characterssurprise

7- Internal Links  :

They are the links on the page and refer to other pages inside or outside your site, which are very important factors for your site in SEO work; There are basic rules that must be followed in order to get easy internal links, namely: link to related articles using either the text of the word used or the entire article title, and also make sure that the links are both useful to the user as well as easy to understand by search engines.
As for the number of links, link 4 to 5 internal links and that's enough, or create more if necessary depending on the article you are talking about 

Last but not least, we must pay attention to an important thing, namely the repetition of words within the article, with a percentage between 0.8% and 1.2% of the total number of words.
For example: the topic of the article (500 words). 3 to 7 times in various places, apart from its presence in the first paragraph, to appear in a respected professional article 

Of course, there are many other things you can do to get the best ranking for your website, but the tips I have mentioned in this article will give you a strong and reliable framework, plus 100% safe tools, that will help you choose keywords and most importantly, they will give you results!! This helps with engagement and appears in Google's search engine results. 

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