Twitter's new privacy policy

Twitter privacy policy is easier to understand

The company practices more transparency - simpler language and new design implementation.

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Twitter makes privacy policy easier to understand In the future, every Twitter user should have more control over how and when their data is used. That's the point of the microblogging service's new privacy policy We also aim to make this policy as simple and accessible as possible. Three areas are used for this: the new data protection directive and a privacy page in clearer language; Twitter Data Dash and so-called "privacy icons" for data protection settings and controls.

No more legal terms

The privacy policy is now no longer written in legal language, Twitter confirms. There is also a reorganization in the three areas of data collection, data use, and data transmission. There is also now an expanded content reference on Twitter that goes beyond tweets and reflects the increasingly available rich media. A clearer explanation is given of how Twitter customizes the "Twitter experience" and the ads that are shown. The revamped site also includes direct answers to frequently asked questions such as data collection and use.

Twitter Data Dash

Twitter Data Dash is a new video game that aims to improve data protection in a fun way. It accompanies the user through more complex areas of the privacy policy, and is intended to enable safe navigation in the "Twitterverse" and to make discoverable tools that give the user control over their data. According to Twitter, transparency is the top priority.

Simple privacy codes

The company is currently working on an iconic privacy redesign. These are the visual icons that represent basic security and privacy settings across the Service. Just as a magnifying glass is a well-known icon for the search function, Twitter wants to make it easier to identify each person with unified icons for privacy settings and controls.

twitter's new privacy policy
twitter new privacy policy 2021
twitter new privacy policy

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