Download JS TestPoint-iSP latest version

The JS Test Point-iSP tool v4.0, the fourth version, is one of the best testpoint programs ever. It has been updated to support many modern models and more types that we will mention successively in this educational article. And you can also do a lot of important operations to fix read ADB information, bypass ADB FRP mode, check root ADB, factory reset/wipe data, repair factory mode and activate Arabic language, just continue the article to the end.

Download JS TestPoint-iSP latest version

What is the JS Test Point-iSP v4.0 tool?

js test point is a free tool that includes most of the Test Point images and iSP Point images for the most popular and modern Android phones, such as Test Point for Huawei, Test Point for Xiaomi, Lenovo Test Point, Test Point for Nokia, Test Point for Infinix, Test Point Test for Vivo, a test point for OPPO.

And also: OPPO iSP, Samsung iSP, Realm iSP, Nokia iSP, all in one free, fast, and unique program. Every time you search for Test Point and iSP images on the Internet, the program saves you the hassle of searching and effort.

What models does the JS TestPoint-iSP tool support?

  • Test Point for Huawei
  • Test Point for Xiaomi
  • Test Point for Infinix
  • Test Point for Vivo 
  • Test Point for Nokia
  • Test Point for OPPO
  • Test Point for Samsung
  • Test Point for Lenovo

What are the main features of JS Test Point-iSP:

  • New ISP photos are supported and added to and from Samsung phones
  • Samsung A10-A105G-isp-point
  • Samsung-Galaxy-A10s-A107F-ISP-Pinout
  • Samsung J200H-isp-point
  • New test point images for Huawei phones have also been added.

Some Huawei phones tested:

  • Huawei Nova 5T YAL-L21-TEST-POINT
  • Huawei Nova 7SE CDY-N29B-TEST-POINT
  • Huawei Y5P DRA-LX9 Test Point
  • Huawei Y6P 2020 MED-LX9-TESTPOINT
  • Huawei Y6p 2020 ELE-L29-TEST-POINT
  • Huawei Nova 7 JEF-NX9-TEST-POINT
  • Huawei Mate 20X EVR-AL00-TEST-POINT
  • Huawei MATE 20 X EVR-N29-TEST-POINT
  • Huawei P40 Lite JNY-LX1-TEST-POINT
  • Add Redmi 6A isp pinout

download free js testpoint isp tool v 

Download JS TestPoint-iSP V4.0 No dongle needed via the link below.

Name: JS TestPoint-iSP V4.0

File type: EXE / RAR

Size: 240MB

Decompress password:

JS Test Point-iSP tool v4.0 download link

The second link in case the first does not work download the JS Test Point-iSP tool v4.0

What's in the Android Menu 

In the list of Android JS, you will find the most important processes in ADB mode for Android phones - Fastboot Mode.

  1. Add ADB operations
  2. Read ADB information
  3. Bypass ADB FRP Mode
  4. Check root ADB
  5. Factory reset/wipe data
  6. Factory Mode Repair
  7. Activate the Arabic language
  8. S Health Knox Fix
  9. Language Enablement: HTC - Sony - Samsung - Huawei / Need Root
  10. Normal Reboot - Recovery - EDL - Fastboot - Download Mode
  11. Sideload flash files
  12. Add Fastboot Operations
  13. Read Fastboot Mode information
  14. How to bypass FRP Fastboot Mode 3
  15. Factory reset/wipe data
  16. Unlock / Re-lock the bootloader
  17. Fastboot Reboot EDL
  18. flash recovery image
  19. Unlock HTC Bootloader
  20. New features have been added to the program, and the scanning of Xiaomi phones has been carried out with serial and MEID checks for iPhones 

Compatibility: JS TestPoint-iSP runs normally on Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating systems.

Backup: If you are willing to try the JS TestPoint-iSP mentioned in the article, please take a backup of your data from your Android smartphone or tablet.

Credits: JS TestPoint-iSP V4.0 is created and distributed by the developer. Therefore, full credits go to the developer for sharing the tool for free.

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