Download the latest version of Unlock Tool 2022.06-24-0

What does unlocks Tool latest free download program 2022 | All Android FRP Unlock Tool / Factory Reset Tool 2022?

Unlock Tool  is a small Windows program specially designed to remove FRP  and factory reset any type of Android phone in a few seconds. It takes a tiny amount of money to activate and use it on your computer, so, if you want a hassle-free solution to unlock any Android phone, this will be the right fit for you. Follow these simple step by step instructions and download the latest version of  Unlock Tool  from below.

Download the latest version of Unlock Tool 2022.06-24-0
Download Unlock Tool 2022.06-24-0

Download  unlock tool.exe  on your computer. Run the tool as the administrator Click Register or Login UnlockTool_2022.06.25.0  Automatic update has been released. update new features; - Now support Remove Demo Vivo V23 5G PD2167F via [Preloader] Remove Demo[2] for TAB VIVO

What Unlock Tool 2022 can do?


Flash No Credit - Reset | Disable Mixcloud in one click via EDL No Need Unlock Boot Loader No Need Flash File | baseband repair | Efs Scan - Backup - Restore EFS | Read Write QCN


Unlock Boot Loader Chip Kirin 71  | Kirin 980 | Frp erase with one click | Support change Oeminfo MTK - Qualcomm Kiri


Factory resets | Frp erase with one click | flash | Read the backup file | Read - Write Vnram via Meta Mode - Clear Vin ID via ADB in one click


Factory Reset for MTK with Meta Mode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 new method, possible without losing storage data (photo, music,...) | Remove demo with one click No flash file needed | Factory reset support for all Realme - OPPO Chip MTK

Factory reset to put Brom as new MTK secure data secure | Firmware flash | Extract OFP File - Remove Knox | EFS Scan - Backup / Backup NVRAM


Factory reset | Erase Frp | Remove demo | Clear EFS | Manufactured by Meta Mode | Safe format without losing data | READ - WRITE NVRAM - EVERYTHING IN ONE CLICK


Turn Off iCloud With Token One Click on iPhone 6S/6SP/7G/7P/8G/8P/X iPhone Need Jailbreak - Fake Ios/Restore Active ICCID

✓ IOS - Read Hw Info Address Wifi, Bluetooth Lost Phone - Info or Dead HDD (6G/5SE/6S/6SP/7G/7P/8G/8P/X)

Download Unlock Tool 2022, rich in definition

Download Unlock Tool latest version 
Hash: e131a5962151a5c500f918d398f1c95b
Version: 2022.02.21.0
Updated on: Feb. 21, 2022, 3:30 am
Check below, to see which Windows version can easily support this unlock tool, also Download Unlock Tool setup for PC easily,

File Name: UnlockTool-2021-08-11-1.rar Size
File size: 60MB
Application type: .exe
Compatible OS: Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)
Credit: Team

Download link:  (New)

Technicians' recommendations:
Download the application to remove the Google account account with a click of  google account manager

How to use UnlockTool.Net

Download unlocktool.exe setup on your computer.
Run the tool as an administrator.
Click Register or Sign in
It will lead you to the official website: here
Register your account there.
Now type the email id and password registered in the tool
Click Sign in

MI unlock options:

  • Mi Flash:
  • Firmware information
  • RB.counter bypass
  • Auto restart
  • EFS Protection
  • Erase EFS
  • Reset MI Cloud
  • Clear FRP
  • full flash
  • Mi security:
  • Mi Cloud:
  • Mi Cloud Server Check
  • ADB Bypass MI Cloud
  • [ADB] removes MI Cloud (root)
  • [ADB] Disable OTA Update
  • [ADB] Install Firewall
  • MTP
  • Install MTP Driver
  • [MTP] Active Browser
  • Recovery:
  • Fast boot
  • Diag
  • Samsung unlock options:
  • Odin flash:
  • protection:
  • Odin mode:

  1. [COM+ADB] Read info
  2. [COM] Factory Reset
  3. [COM] Enter Download
  4. [MTP] Driver installation
  5. [MTP] Bypass FRP
  6. [ADB] Remove passcode
  7. [ADB] Remove FRP

Nokia unlock options:

Fast boot:
  • [FB] Read info
  • MTP] Driver installation
  • [MTP] Active Browser
  • [MTP] Active Google Maps
MTK-Nokia 3
  • [BROM] Erase FRP
  • [BROM] Factory Reset
  • Huawei unlocks options:
  • flash upgrade:
  • protection:
  • test point:
  • [EDL] Bypass FRP
  • [EDL] Factory Reset
  • [USB 1.0] Type Unlock Fastboot
  • [USB 1.0] Clear Huawei ID
  • [USB 1.0] Erase FRP
  • [BROM] Factory Reset
  • [BROM] Erase FRP
  1. COM + ADB + FB] Pre-reading information
  2. [ADB] Remove Huawei ID
  3. [FB] Change OEM info
  4. [FB] Clear Huawei ID
  5. [FB] Erase FRP
  6. [FB] Dump Sections
  7. Install MTP Driver
  8. [MTP] Active Browser

Oppo unlock options:

  • identification mode:
  • dead boot
  • Read the information
  • Read the section
  •  Factory reset 
  • Factory resets 
  • Factory resets [2] [UFS]
  • Factory reset [2] [Android 11]
  • NVROM Backup
  • NVROM recovery

Open Vivo Functions:

  • boot [meta boot]
  • Pattern reading [Android 5.1]
  • Secure Format [Data Retention]
  • Factory resets [1]

  1. East point
  2. Vsmart unlock options:
  3. Remove FRP [ADB] Vinid
  4. Meta Boot [MTK]
  5. Factory resets [MTK]
  6. [EDL] Factory Reset [QCOM]
  7. [EDL] FRP Scan [QCOM]
  8. [EDL] Vinid Scan [QCOM]
  9. [EDL] Unlock Bootloader

Mediatek unlock options:

  • dead boot
  • [Anata] Factory Reset [1]
  • [dead] factory resets [2]
  1. data format
  2. Read GPT
  3. Authentication bypass
  4. Clear FRP
  5. safe format
  6. Reset MI Cloud
  7. open BL
  8. Reboot
  9. flash
  10. scan id vim
  11. Blackview Opening Options
  12. Android unlocks options
  13. Qualcomm Unlock Options
  14. LG Unlock Options
  • [COM] Factory Reset
  • [COM] Enable ADB
  • [COM] Disable Lockscreen
  • [MTP] Driver installation
  • [MTP] Active Browser
  • [MTP] Active Google Maps
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