Download MD-NEXT V1.91.5 to analyze and extract all information of smart chips:

The important MD-NEXT program for every technician or anyone interested in smartphones is not limited to phone technicians, but every technician in any electronic field. This program analyzes the entire phone and shows you the information of each piece or part of the phone or the piece that you want to examine. It is used to analyze and read the phone to find out the damaged parts or icons in the phone and is also used to decrypt the encrypted application data.

Download MD-NEXT V1.91.5 to analyze and extract all information of smart chips:
Download MD-NEXT V1.91.5 to analyze and extract all information of smart chips:

What is the MD-NEXT tool?

MD-NEXT is a program for extracting data from various mobile and digital devices. It supports physical and logical extraction methods for Android, iOS, Windows OS, Tizen OS, other mobile operating systems, and all kinds of chips.

MD-NEXT supports extracting data from MD-READER (chip memory), MD-BOX (JTAG board), USIM reader, SD memory reader, OS backup protocol, proxy application, and new advanced extraction methods

You can use MD-NEXT V1.91.5 smart analysis software for high-end phones, mini drones, smart TVs, smart wearables, IoT devices, USIM cards, SD memory cards, JTAG board, Chip-off memory, and many more chips. MD-NEXT is very important to get information about any smart device.

MD-NEXT V1.91.5 can be used for the following things.

  • Physical extraction - Bootloader, Custom image, ADB Pro
  • Boolean extraction methods - ADB Backup, iOS Backup, MTP, and custom backup protocol
  • Extraction of flash memory stick, JTAG panel
  • Extraction of the selected partition, directory, files, and applications
  • Data preview during extraction
  • Write protection and evidence integrity
  • Supports automated analysis Reporting and MD-RED (Analytics Software)
  • Supports Global, Chinese, and Korean Phone Manufacturers
  • Supports 900+ Popular Mobile Apps on iOS and Android
  • Decrypt/Decrypt Encrypted App
  • Data Various Data Viewers for Hex Data, File System, SQLite, Plist, and Media Multi-
  • display Visual analysis with timeline, maps, chat screen, and gallery
  • Enhanced analysis performance Multi-core CPU optimization
  • Python IDE User-defined analysis script
  • Execute multiple programs per case
  • Supports the latest file systems

MD-NEXT features:

  1. Perfect data mining tool for mobile phones
  2. Supports Smartphones and Smartphones
  3. Supports mobile devices, a motherboard with JTAG,
  4. intermittent flash memory, USIM, and card SD
  5. Use with Forensic devices, MD-BOX, and MD-READER
  6. Supports all logical and physical extraction methods

operating systems, file systems, and applications 

  • Supports smartphones and feature phones  
  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows, and Tizen operating systems  
  • Analyze and restore different file system formats  

 Supports new file system formats - F2FS, XFS  

  • FAT12/16/32, exFAT, NTFS, ext3/4, HFS+, EFS, YAFFS, FSR, XSR  
  • Supports over 900 popular iOS and Android  
  • mobile apps Support the most popular messaging apps From the latest version  

Advanced extraction features

  • Selects partitions after automatic scanning
  • Select directories, files, and categories to extract
  • Supports pause and resume extraction
  • Supports Google Cloud Extraction
  • Supports physical extraction methods 
  • Bootloader, custom image, ADB Pro
  • supports logical extraction methods - ADB Backup,
  • iOS Backup, MTP, Custom Backup Protocol
  • Decrypt encrypted app data Decrypt encrypted
  • chat messages from
  • Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Telegram, Wickr,
  • Wechat, QQ and Kakaotalk, Line and others.
  • Decrypts data from Google protocol buffer,
  • Apache Provisioning, Plist/bplist, XML, JSON 

Ensuring directories data integrity Supports write protection for all directories data Supports more than 10 different hash algorithms like SHA256

Excellent extraction performance 1GB/min

Easy-to-use easy to use Intuitive user interface and simple extraction procedures Help documents with images and images

Data preview Supports preview extraction data signatures Hex preview and user data

Auto-create reports Extracted image file information reports the Hash value, time, method, file name, etc. Supports XLS and PDF file formats Decodes

lock screen information with the pattern, PIN, and password to unlock

Advanced data filtering options File system, signature, time, and more fields Dynamic filters Multiple filters, sorting and grouping 

Download MD-NEXT V1.91.5 Analyze systems and files

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File size:

Compatible operating system

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Technician recommendations:

Compatibility: MD-NEXT runs normally on Windows operating systems (32 and 64 bit).

CreditsMD-NEXT is programmed and distributed by developer. Therefore, full credits go to the developer for sharing the tool for free.

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