FMIOFF iUnlock Open Menu Removal Tool

FMIOFF iUnlock Open Menu Removal

A new method for FMI OFF/OPEN MENU for Mac users has been released by LU Team & unlock , this new method is fmi out of full working we see since Apple patched the latest FMIOFF / OPEN MENU / PROXY token.            

You can now delete and bypass iCloud lock if you forgot your iCloud account or password. All devices with checkra1n or unc0ver are supported by iUnlock Open Menu Removal.  Since the software is very recent, you may still have some unsupported devices but they will be supported in time.     

FMIOFF iUnlock Open Menu Removal Tool


1. Go to open device menu - Settings, click on iCloud and select all options as in the video  

Remove any SIM card inside iPhone   

2. Jailbreak your device with Checkra1n or Uncover   

 checkra1n do not set (safe mode option) and jailbreak

Immediately after jailbreak, turn on the plane (important)

3. Open the tool and connect the trusted device to avoid errors and serial recording

4. Click the FMl OFF button in the TOOL field to start the process.

5. Wait for the message that the operation was successful and turn off FMI

Make sure its shutdown check sequence if it was shut down and restore using 3utools or iTunes

Using Unc0ver JB:

1 - Install Unc0ver on your iOS device using AltDelay (PC/MAC)

Remove any SIM card inside iPhone

2 - Trust unc0ver (we will make a method for lost mode soon) and turn on the jailbreak

3 - After Cydia appears on the main screen, open it, go to Repos , press Edit later Add and add this and press Add repo       

4 - Press Update and wait for the repositories cache to be refreshed

5 - Uninstall all OpenSSH programs or don't tick while jailbreaking is active  

6 - In the search section you must install both Dropbear and Dropbear SSH (reinstall if errors occur), find it and press install  

7 - Next use the tool and press FMI OFF, select Unc0ver . option

8 - If the device is working, check FMI first and restore  

Download iUnlock Open Menu Removal

Download link here 

compatibility FMI OFF: The tool works perfectly on Windows operating systems 
(32-bit and 64-bit).

Backup: If you are willing to try the aforementioned FMIOFF tool ,please take a backup of your personal data from your Android smartphone or tablet.

Approval FMIOFF"FMIOFF" is created  and distributed by the developer. So all full credits will go to the developer for sharing the tool for free.


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