Download General Tool v2.0  does not require a login and does not need a dongle with impressive features, you can read the following description and see the pictures to know the free General Tool services before downloading, then if you want to download it you will find the link below. General Tool contains many services that we will benefit from a lot in our practical life and among those services everything that will be listed here and more, where I will explain the important and main services only so as not to overwhelm you and then give you the freedom to experiment and enjoy.


What is GENERAL TOOL V2.0:

GENERAL TOOL V2.0 is a free software created by General Team to Bypass Google Account Lock After Format, Delete FRP Account, Unlock Pattern Lock, GSM to CDMA/CDMA to GSM Transfer from any Samsung, MTK, Qualcomm, LG, Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo Android in Download/Meta/EDL/ADB & Fastboot Mode easily. 

If you are facing the problem of locking a google account or deleting a pattern on your Android phone.

Download the program to bypass the Google Account account for Huawei phones without problems.

Download General Tool V2.0

File name:

File size: 200MB

Type: exe

Compatible OS: Windows

General Tool V2.0 (Mediafire) Download Link 

Features of General Tool v2.0 

Features of General Tool V2.0 In its second full version, general tool v2.0 contains the following features and services:

  • The localization of Samsung phones, all versions (from Android 11 and below), and if you want to localize Android 12, I will put a link below).
  • Arabization of the keyboard and the addition of the Arabic language via More Locale, a feature that can be used to localize ZTE, LG, and other phones.
  • Frp sugar edl option to bypass Google account for Sugar phones with a click of a button in EDL mode with ease supports many models and also supports bypassing Google account for OPPO phones.
  • Supports bypassing the Google account of the N5 China Telecom phone.
  • Supports bypass Google FRP ZTE account for many models of ZTE phones, either in EDL mode or in Side Load mode for Track phones.
  • The decoding section of the free General Tool v2 contains a lot of decoders, including:
  1. Decode A11 - A21 -A51 for free.
  2. Unlock LG phones of the following models 
  • Q710P BST/SPR
  • unlock LG LS775
  • unlock LG LS770
  • unlock LG LS676
  • unlock LG LS675
  • unlock LG LS665
  • unlock LG LS997
  • unlock LG LS740
  • unlock LG LS885
  • unlock LG SP200.
  • It also supports zte decoding and supports two options:

  • Enable Hidden Menu, Deactivate Wireless Speaker, Skip Google Account for ANS Phones:

  • Adding access points, decoding Motorola MTK, converting to CDMA, or converting to gsm are among the services of General Tool.
  • Carrier conversion for Samsung phones.
  • There are still many services that we did not mention due to time and also so that the article is not long, you can also review the images to know a brief about them if you want before downloading unless after downloading discover all the lists and features for yourself.

Features of google account bypass program GENERAL TOOL

  • One-click bypass Google Account Bypass.
  • Permanently remove Google account in MTK download mode.
  • Unlock pattern lock in identification mode.
  • Flash MTK MediaTek Smartphones.
  • Solve the problem of soft break.
  • All modern phones for MTK devices are supported.

How to bypass the Google Account Count Huawei tool works after formatting 

The process of deleting FRP with a universal pattern unlock tool is easy.

You just have to follow all the steps carefully. If you follow all the processes below carefully, I am sure that you can easily bypass the google account after formatting from your phone.

  1. Download Stool  Netframework on your computer.
  2. Extract all files using 7zip.
  3. Now install Net Framework on the computer.
  4. Double click to run Microsoft .Net framework.exe.
  5. Then press Next -> Next -> Finish to install it on your computer.
  6. Now run the musliminsetup.exe file.
  7. The installation process will open.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Then select your device model from the mobile phone model selection list 
  10. factory settings
  11. MTK file for firmware based on scatter flash
  12. Select CUSTOM DA & Auth to flash and unlock
  13. FRP Reset
  14. Sections Format
  15. Install MTK Drivers

Supported phones: Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, and all other Android phones running MTK.

Compatibility: Google Account remove and delete app works without any problem and flawlessly on Windows operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit).


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