How to fix the problem of sound and headphones in Xiaomi Redmi 7A

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can do to fix  Xiaomi Redmi 7A  speaker sound issue , buzzer not working, or speakerphone issue. This solution may help how to troubleshoot the handset.

The Xiaomi Redmi 7A is one of the best smartphones from Xiaomi company. And most of the Arab and foreign users, especially in India, really like it. It has great features but its users still face some problems and issues. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to solve all audio and speaker problems in Xiaomi Redmi 7AIf your phone has no sound or if you are experiencing sound issues and the volume is low, here are some things that you can do to solve the problem.   

To repair the Xiaomi Redmi 7A speaker , you can first clean the speaker terminal contact pads on the PCB board if there is corrosion and oxidation accumulation. Then check the speaker with a voltmeter to easily determine if it is working or not. A damaged amplifier has been replaced. If the speaker is confirmed OK, you can refer to the solution below and have a check and test on some of the components associated or connected to the amplifier circuit.  

Causes of Xiaomi Redmi 7A sound and speaker problems

  1. The buzzer may be damaged.
  2. Low sound and distorted sound usually occur when there is dust on the bell grille or when the buzzer is damaged.
  3. The files may be damaged. Check under the microscope. You will see green or black textures on the components.
  4. There is no contact between the buzzer and the plug.
  5. A problem with the onboard connector on the buzzer, however, this happens very rarely, and there is one possibility that the buzzer problem was due to a problem with the connector on the board. 

How to fix the problem of sound and headphones in Xiaomi Redmi 7A

Ways to fix XIAOMI Redmi 7A Speaker audio problem:

  • Check the bell with an avometer. Replace if it is already damaged. The distorted sound is caused by a weak whistling sound. Or it's already burnt out. (The internal file is corrupted).
  • If the amplifier is fine and does not seem to be a problem, make sure the terminal is not aligned. Then clean the bell terminal contact pads for possible oxidation buildup (this may weaken the connection).
  • Check each buzzer + and bell- paths the corresponding communication line through each component where it is connected.
  • If any of the bell + or - path is missing, make a jumper.

  • There is no external IC to control its incoming sound. There is no volume option to level the incoming caller's voice. You can fix it a little by cleaning the motherboard. Don't forget to dry your cell phone's motherboard after cleaning it with electronics cleaner.

  • If the mobile phone has water damage problem. Try to find some missing or burned resistors or capacitors on the motherboard. You can solve it by re-soldering or replacing any missing or damaged part before replacing it. The earpiece and its finer points for some time worked just fine. But the front panel buzzer has a connection problem. In this case, you can try a jumper directly from the exact speaker points to the points of its holder. I have fixed this problem several times by re-soldering the points of its speaker board.

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