Khulnaunlock-Phone Tools V1.0

Khulnaunlock Toolkit -Phone MTK , Android, OPPO, Qualcomm, Samsung and more
today and in this tutorial we are going to explain all about  Khulnaunlock features and all the download information and we will provide you the download link for this tool which is under development which is  Khulnaunlock tools. 

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Khulnaunlock-Phone Tools V1.0

What is Khulnaunlock-Phone Tools V1.0

Khulnaunlock -Phone Tools is a small tool for Windows PC. Users are allowed to bypass Samsung FRP lock protection and unlock Oppo Qualcomm and MediaTek with just one click. The tool does not work with all the functionality you need to wait for the new version but I tested Samsung FRP and it works and my Google account lock is gone.

Download Khulnaunlock Tools V1.0

File name: Khulnaunlock Phone Tools 
File size: 9 MB
Operating system: Windows
Download link for  Khulnaunlock Tools V1.0
Second link to download  Khulnaunlock Phone Tools V1.0

Khulnaunlock Phone Tools Features:

Samsung function
  • Info (MTP)
  • Enable ADB
  • The first FRP method has been removed - ADB mode
  • FRP has been removed the second method - ADB mode
  • EDL mode removed from Samsung Qualcomm FRP (9008)
  • Samsung flasher

  • Huawei Read the information
  • Xiaomi read information
  • vivo read information

  • Authentication bypass
  • Format data/factory reset
  • secure formatting (misc, paragraph)
  • Skip FRP
  • Samsung FRP Removal
  • remove Mi . account
  • Open the bootloader
  • Re-lock the bootloader
  • Permanent Unlock
  • Demo removal (VIVO)
  • Remove DEMO (OPPO)
  • NV . scan
  • Read NV (Oppo, Realme, VIVO)
  • Unloading the preloader
  • Read boot + VBMeta

OPPO function (factory reset)
  1. OPPO A53
  2. OPPO A53s
  3. OPPO A33
  4. OPPO A73
  5. OPPO  A74
  6. OPPO   A95
  7. OPPO A76
  8. OPPO F17
  9. OPPO A96
  10. OPPO F17
  11. OPPO  F19
  12. - Renault 4
  13. - Renault 5
  14. - Renault 6
  15. - Renault 7

Realme Format:
Realme 7i
Realme 9
Realme C15
Realme C17

Khulnaunlock tool  compatibility: The tool works normally on Windows (32-bit and 64-bit).

Backup : If you are willing to try the aforementioned Khulnaunlock tool, please take a backup of your personal data from your Android smartphone or tablet.

Credits : Khulnaunlock-Phone Tools is created and distributed by the developer of Khulnaunlock-Phone Tools. Therefore, full credits go to the developer for sharing the tool for free. 
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