Amazon: A surprising new way to collect customer data.

Amazon: A surprising new way to collect customer data.
 Amazon: A surprising new way to collect customer data.

Amazon will take over the robotic vacuum cleaner maker Roomba for 1.6 billion euros. This is accompanied by reaching a much larger number of families

Just a few days ago at the beginning of August, Amazon announced its intention to buy iRobot. The acquisition value is 1.6 billion euros. However, given the possibilities associated with this, such an investment is not surprising. Incorporating well-known devices not only expands the range of smart devices. Access to valuable data is also increasing.

Amazon: This is what makes the iRobot Roomba so attractive

The business acquisition follows a prediction made by Amazon Vice President Dave Limp in 2021, according to Reuters. He believes that "within five to ten years, every household will have at least one robot that will become an important part of everyday life."

iRobot CEO Colin Angle shares the same sentiment. He is said to have said that the home needs a myriad of devices that communicate seamlessly with each other and one day deal with social challenges such as caring for the elderly.

  Amazon. Because i Robots also collect data while they work at home. When vacuuming, they also create accurate digital maps of their surroundings using video and laser sensors. Then camera recordings measuring buildings and apartment space reveal certain details about the people who live there.

In addition, iRobot is currently the most successful manufacturer of home robots and has already supplied its devices to more than 40 million households. For Amazon, acquisition means access to it. The result can be ads tailored to buildings and habits. But competition in the smart home market may also shift in Amazon's favor as a result.

To what extent is my data from Amazon at risk?

The good thing is that Amazon will first have to amend the General Terms and Conditions (GTC). So far, at least, iRobot has not collected or transferred any personal data to third parties. This was also independently confirmed by the Mozilla Foundation in 2021:

“We appreciate that iRobot states in its privacy policy that it does not sell any data to third parties and does not share any data with third parties without the knowledge or control of the customer. They also state that they do not provide any personal data to third parties for commercial or marketing purposes.”

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