Download EVOTool version 1.1.2 update

What is EVO Tool 1.1.2

EVO Tool version 1.1.2 is a small tool for Windows PC. It is allowed to repair IMEI, repair Mac, path certificate, reset FRP lock, reset network factory, read codes online, change SW, unlock - reload bootloader, change CSC, device info, read write certificate, and more. For details about the tool's features, please scroll down to download and check out all the functions of the Evo Tool .        

Download EVOTool version 1.1.2 update

 Download EVOTool Version 1.1.2

File Name: Download EVOTool update new

File size: 88 MB

Operating System: Windows

Link to download  EVOTool new update 

A second download link to download the  EVOTool new update tool 

The most important features of EVO Tool 1.1.2

IMEI repair

IMEI  (International Mobile Equipment Identification Number) is a unique number to identify a device on a mobile network. You can think of it as your phone's Social Security number. It consists of 15 numbers and is assigned to each GSM phone - CDMA device ...

Mac repair

Each Network Interface Card (NIC) has a unique MAC (Media Access Control) address. This applies to all types of networks, including Ethernet cards and WiFi cards. MAC address.

Correction Certificate

To answer that question, here's some simplified background information on how phones work in terms of software. Every phone has a serial number (IMEI). This is the digital data that is connected to a specific phone during manufacture...

FRP Lock Reset / FRP Removal

If a factory reset was performed on an Android device without the owner’s permission, the FRP will pop up with the message, “This device has been reset. To continue, sign in with the Google account that was previously synced on this device.” The...

Network Factory Reset

A network factory reset resets all network related settings to the factory state of the device before it was configured by any carrier or carrier. This can fix devices that do not connect to the network compatible with the factory condition.

Read codes online

If you have been wondering what is the default network unlock code for your phone, or you have repeatedly used the wrong code and the device now requires a so-called “unfreeze” code, then this feature is for you.

change SW

Our software change feature allows you to upgrade or downgrade your device firmware version. Another use of this feature is when there is a no boot error, or a hardware freeze issue with your device. A simple SW change can solve in most cases...

Unlock / Relock the bootloader

In simpler terms, a bootloader is a program that runs every time your phone is turned on. It tells the phone which software to download in order for your phone to work. The Android bootloader starts when...

CSC . change

CSC stands for "Consumer Software Customization" or "Country-Specific Code". CSC is an essential component of the Samsung firmware. It is an important part of the firmware binaries that contain many important data such as custom settings, system ...

Device information

It can read every important piece of information and general condition of the phone, such as serial number, factory data, etc.

Read the certificate

As the name of the service suggests, with the read certificate you can save the certificate data. What is this cert file? Basically, this is the digital data that is attached to the specific phone during manufacture and is also signed by the mother ...

write the certificate

You can restore the certificate data using Write Cert. Basically, this is the digital data that is attached to the specific phone during manufacture and is also signed by the manufacturer, this is called a certificate. This certificate...

Store/Restore Backup

The backup storage/restore function is used to back up all individual calibration and safety parameters of the device. This can be done before you start working on the device or you can do it before each procedure. We are trying to create backups...

Change !!!

Added support for Realme Spreadtrum devices

FRP erase support. misc typing (automatic factory reset); Support secure format (first in the world can keep images (such as image)); Entering user data...

  • Realme C11 2021
  • Realme C21Y
  • Realme C25Y
  • Realme C30
  • Realme C31
  • Realme C35
  • Realme C33 

Set Honor Qualcomm Phone Erase Honor ID and Huawei Qualcomm Erase Huawei ID <Auto Reset After ID Unlock>

honor 9se firehose file setup; Easier to boot the device

Deployment tools add, here we support spd 6500 6530 6531 cpu; With a feature phone or portable watch

Evo Tool installation package inside the spd driver; Before you do that you must install it


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