Download S-Tool Pro Ver 2.2.0

Download S-Tool Pro Ver 2.2.0
Download S-Tool Pro Ver 2.2.0

What is the update for Stool Pro V2.2.0 Build 2022.08.05?

S-tools pro tool is a small tool for Windows PC. All users are allowed to unlock OPPO and realm Qualcomm phones in EDL mode with just one click. Stool runs on its host server, all files are sent to the tool and formatted with one click. The STool is not a free tool that charges some basic monthly or annual money for using the tool. Some phones you can unlock for free.

You can use it for free if you test it and publish the result of opening the form without any activation.

Download S-tfm tool Pro Ver 2.2.0 free download

File Name: S-Tool Pro Ver 2.2.0.rar

File size: 10MB

Update date: July 20, 2022

Operating System: Windows

S-Tool Pro Ver 2.2.0 Download Link

The second link in case the first link does not work to download the S-Tool Pro Ver 2.2.0 download program.

Download  S-Tool Pro Ver 2.0.0  Older Version 

The most important features of S-Tool Pro Ver 2.2.0 new

My Account - In this menu, you can manage your login information, account ID, password change, activation status, and some additional information that helps you manage the tool.

Unlock - In this option, you can unlock, factory reset, trial unlock, EFS reset, and more operations on Realme and OPPO devices.

Download - In this option, you can download the Xiaomi fastboot firmware file with just one click.

New change in STool Pro:

There are 3 options in STool Pro

  1. Free option (allowing users to unlock for free and unlimited)
  2. . Unlock an unlimited number of devices for active users (1D, 3M, 6M, 1Y)
  3.  To unlock or download by SCoin (You must buy SCoin to pay on demand ~ without activation)

S-tools Pro V2.0.0 RC3.2

Samsung test mode

  • FRP unlock bypass

Samsung MTP Mode

  •  Factory reset
  • Enter download mode

Samsung ADB mode

  1. Read the information
  2. Reboot the device
  3. Reboot recovery
  4. Restart the download
  5. Open FRP

S-Tool Pro V2.0.0 RC3.1

  • Updated: July 18, 2022
  •  OPPO and Realme Patch Protect 1 were added to unlock the network
  •  Some bugs have been fixed

S-Tool Pro V2.0.0 RC3

  • Updated: July 11, 2022
  •  Ramdisk iOS 14 and iOS 15 (iPhone 6s to X) passcode has been added with the indication.
  • Google Pixel Bypass Network Lock Android 11 only added.Add driver tag ~ 1 click to install

S-Tool Pro V2.0.0 RC2

  • Updated: 06 July 2022
  • Added Xiaomi Eng. Firmware Tab
  • Added FREE ~ LifeTime Tab

S-Tool Pro V2.0.0 RC1

  • Updated: June 30, 2022
  •  The first version of S-Tool Pro was ported from STool Lite Ver1.2.X

S-Tool Pro Ver 2.2.0 Build 2022.08.05 is now released

Added Vivo Qualcomm Module

  1.  Factory reset (skip user data) [new method]
  2.  Factory reset (skip user data) [old method]
  3.  Open Frp [Old Method]
  4.  Open Frp [new method]
  5.  Reset EFS (Erase IMEI) [Method 1]
  6.  Reset EFS (Erase IMEI) [Method 2]

Included models

Vivo Z1 Pro - PD1911F

Vivo Y50T - PD2023E

Vivo Y50 - PD1965F

Vivo Y20, Y20s - PD2034F

Vivo X60 Pro - PD2059F

Vivo X50 Pro PD2005F

Fifu X50 5G - PD2001F

FIFO X50 - PD2006F

Vivo V21, V21E - PD2107F

Vivo V20 SE - PD2038F

Vivo V20 SE - PD2038CF

Vivo V20 Pro - PD2020F

Vivo V20 2021 - PD2067F

Life V20 - PD2039F

Vivo V19 Neo - PD1948F

Vivo V19 - PD1969F

Vivo T1 - PD2115

Vivo S7 5G - PD2020C

Vivo S5 - PD 1932

Vivo S1 Pro - PD1945CF

Vivo S1 Pro - PD1945

Vivo NEX S - PD1805 ، PD1805F

Vivo Nex Dual - PD1821, PD1821F

iQOO U1X - PD2065A

iQOO U1 - PD2023

iQOO Pro 5G - PD1916 ، PD1916F

iQOO NEO 5 - PD2055 ، PD2055F

iQOO NEO 3 - PD1981 ، PD1981F

iQOO NEO - PD 1936,PD1936F

iQOO 7 - PD2049

iQOO 5 Pro - PD2025 ، PD2025F

iQOO 5 - PD2024

iQOO 3 5G - PD1955F

iQOO - PD1824

Added Samsung Qualcomm EDL 9008 وحدة Module

[1] Factory reset (skip user data) [new method]

[2] Unlock FRP [Old Method]

[3] Unlock FRP [New Method]

Samsung models included in this update,


Galaxy M11 SM-M115_all

Galaxy A70 SM-A705_all

Galaxy A11 SM-S115DL, SM-A115_all

Galaxy A02s SM-S124DL, SM-A025_all

Galaxy A01 SM-S111DL, SM-A015_all

Oppo and Realme improvements and some bug fixes

Models included in this release

Reno 7 4G - CPH 2363

Reno 6 Lite - CPH2365

Reno 6 4G - CPH 2235

Reno 5 4G - CPH 2159

Reno 4 4G - CPH2113

Reno 3 Pro 5G - CPH 2009

Renault 10X Zoom - CPH1919

Oppo K10 - CPH 2373

Oppo F21 Pro - CPH 2363

Oppo F19s - CPH 2223

Oppo F19 - CPH2219

Oppo F17 - CPH 2095

Oppo A96 - CPH2333

Oppo A95 - CPH2365

Oppo A76 - CPH 2375

Oppo A74 - CPH 2219

Oppo A73 - CPH 2099

Oppo A53 - CPH2127، CPH2131


Oppo A11s - PDVM 00

Find X5 Pro - CPH2305

Look for X2 NEO - CPH 2009

Look for X2 Lite - CPH 2005

Realme X50

Realme X3 SuperZoom - RMX2086

Realme X3

Realme X2 Pro - RMX 1931

Realme Q5 Pro - RMX 3372

Realme GT2 Pro - RMX3301 ، RMX3300

Realme GT NEO2 - RMX3370

Realme GT NEO 3T - RMX 3372, RMX 3371

Realme C17 - RMX2101

Realme C15 - RMX 2195

Realme 9i - RMX3941

Realme 9 - RMX 3521

Realme 7i - RMX2103

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