Want to install Google Play for new Huawei 2022 devices? Here's a powerful new method!

One of the most common problems facing users who have purchased smartphones from Huawei at the present time is undoubtedly the official Google services, which have now become a necessary thing for all users of smart devices, even if they are not Android! But it seems that this problem has become solvable thanks to a new method, which is considered the easiest among all the methods that we have explained in before, and it was applications such as Chat Partner & Dual Space in addition to the space. Yes, now you can install the official Google services for the new Huawei 2022 devices with a new Chinese app called Our Play.

Want to install Google Play for new Huawei 2022 devices? Here's a powerful new method!

Google services for Huawei devices (new way for 2022)

As we mentioned above, the way we are going to talk about today will be through a new Chinese app called Our Play APK. So, what is this app and what is its function? Well, it is just an APK file that can be downloaded and installed on any Android smartphone that allows you to download the default Google services (which we will refer to below as GMS or Google Mobile Services). The GMS files that we are talking about today contain some of the necessary things that must be present in order to be able to download the default Google applications such as GMS Core and also the Google Play Store and all other related services.

Also, there is an advantage in this particular method that other methods lack, which is that it can be implemented even in EMUI versions as well as new HarmoniOUS as well because it supports APK installation and you don't have to follow it on old Huawei phones with Android only. So, follow these steps carefully, in order.


1. Download Our Play. APK: The first step you will need to do here is to download the Our Play APK file, which you can install, simply like any other APK file whether your Huawei phone is on Android, EMUI or HarmoniOUS. You can download it by going to this link here.

2. Agree to the necessary permissions for the app to work: Once you download and install the Our Play app, you will need to give it all the permissions it needs to perform all its functions on your phone. In order to do that, go to Settings > Applications > select Our lady > and from here open all the permissions that the application needs. 

3. Launch the application, then download Google Play Services: By performing the previous step and agreeing to the necessary permissions for the application to run stably. And remember, after performing any steps you must click on the green button written in Chinese, the Chinese phrase here means NEXT or “NEXT”.

Download Google Play Store APK for Huawei phones

Download the necessary services inside the application: After performing the previous step, you will find that you are in front of a large group of downloadable services that you can choose between them to download to your phone now, and among these services, of course, is the Play Store APK.

Sign in to your account to use Google services: The last step here after downloading the necessary Google apps on your phone is to sign in with your personal Gmail account to take advantage of these services by clicking on the Play Store icon. Once this step is done, now you can finally install the Google Play Store and start downloading all the usual apps you want like YouTube, Google Maps, etc. From the app available for all Android users.

Login to Gmail account on Huawei phones 2021

You just have to remember, all the apps you will download, install, and use afterwards will only be able to be accessed within the Our Play app and not with other regular mobile apps. So, as a summary of these steps, every time you want to use a Google tool you need, you'll first need to launch the Our Play app.

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