What are the steps to “Downgrade” from Realme UI 3 to Realme UI 2 on Realme devices?

Now you can rollback and restore the Android 11 system on Realme phones 

The latest user interface for Realme phones so far is Realme UI 3, which came based on the Android 12 operating system. The Chinese company announced its new interface to its users in late 2021, and the Chinese company has already sent the stable update to many phones, the last of which was the Realme 7 Pro, and Realme C25, and there are many phones of the company that are currently working in the beta version of them. Realme releases the final update to a few phones per month, and if your phone happened to be one of the Realme phones that was updated to Android 12, whether stable or even a beta program and you want to go back to the previous version of the system, then you are in the right place!

“Downgrade” work from Android 12 to Android 11 with Realme phones 

If you recently joined the Realme UI 3 beta program or even your phone got the stable version of the latest operating system and decided that you do not want this version of the operating system and want to go back to Android 11 again, then this guide is for you.

The Chinese company Realme has spared no effort in the process of supporting its users concerning new operating system updates, even if someone wants to return from this system to the older system. This is not the first time, the company has previously provided the possibility of restoring the old system to the Realme 3 phone by providing the Rollback package, which is an installable zip file from the recovery and using it, you can simply return to the previous version of your phone, completely officially.

So, have you updated your phone to the beta version of the Realme UI 3 interface or even your smart device got the stable version of Android 12 and now you want to know the steps to restore Android 11 on your phone again? So, follow the steps to do Downgrade that we will explain in detail below, knowing that you will have to make some sacrifices, such as that during this process you will wipe the entire contents of the phone's memory and some other things that include the following points:

  1. All phone contents will be erased during the reboot, so make a backup copy first.
  2. Once you return to the previous system, you will not be able to access the beta program again.
  3. You may need to update the system to the latest version of Realme UI 2 if the package is for an older version.
  4. You may encounter some unexpected errors after returning to the previous system, so you must be prepared for anything.
  5. If you are on a stable system now, your phone will not receive any future updates after the previous system rollback, so you will need to manually install any upcoming updates.

The only negative point here may be that your phone will be reset to a factory state, so we highly recommend that you backup your public files to your computer or external memory first. Also, make sure that the percentage available in the phone battery before performing any steps is more than 60% to avoid any accidental shutdown during the implementation of the downgrade steps that you will implement next, which in turn may cause the phone to enter the Boot Loop problem and therefore you will have to go to a center in this case. Maintenance is supported until the phone works again.

Download Rollback Pack “Android 11”

To go back to the previous system, you will first need to download it, of course! But here the situation is a little different when you download an official update and update it manually, because the previous system files have a different structure and only need to be on the new stable or experimental system, meaning that you will not be able to install it if you are already on the stable system, or you are on an older system version for example. So, you will first need to find the correct rollback package file for your phone that you can use on your current OS version.

Below we'll put the download links for some of the rollback files that are now available, but if you can't find your phone among them, you'll need to search for the rollback for your phone in the Realme Community or some other trusted resource like the XDA Developer Forum. Also, make sure the person who posted and uploaded this file should be a realme admin and not just a user.

Links for Rollback packages available for Android 11: 

Steps to go back from Realme UI 3 to Realme UI 2

Note: This method will work whether your phone is currently running a beta or stable version of Android 12.

  • Make sure you have downloaded the correct rollback package for your phone.
  • Put the package you downloaded in the main directory of the cache (outside any folders).
  • turn off the phone.
  • Hold down the Volume Down + Power buttons for several seconds.
  • Release the buttons once the phone enters recovery mode.
  • Now choose the language English.
  • Next, go to the Install from Storage option. Type the passcode if prompted.
  • Now go to the Rollback file you downloaded and select it.


Here the contents of the phone memory will be erased, and then you will restore the Android 11 system on it again.

Return to the stable system after installing the trial version

This method is suitable if you are trying to stable Android 11 after joining Realme UI 3 beta, knowing that it is easier and simpler than the previous method. This is because the Realme UI beta version usually contains some bugs, Realme has set the option to do Downgrade simply from within the phone settings and not by the recovery mode like the previous method.

To be able to exit the beta program and go back to the stable version, follow these steps:

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  • Go back to the previous system on the Realme phone 
  • Make sure you have downloaded the correct rollback package for your phone.
  • Put the package you downloaded in the main directory of the cache (outside any folders).
  • Enable programmer options. You can do this by tapping 7 times on the system version, or your Realme version.
  • Now go to Settings > About phone > Click on Realme UI 3 logo at the top.
  • Above, open the three-dot options (in the right or left corner) and go to Localinstall.
  • From here browse the phone files and choose the rollback file you downloaded in the first step.
  • Now the phone will restart itself and restore the previous system.
  • Of course, you should understand this, but it never hurts to say it one more time. While performing the previous steps, never interfere with what the phone is doing and leave it until it has finished installing the previous system. After the installation is successful, the phone will automatically reboot into the Android 11 system to come back as new again, so do the phone settings one more time.

Realme has also stated that if you perform the previous steps, your phone will remain on the same security patch and will not be updated in the future, and you will also not receive any future updates unless you update “manually” to Android 12 again.

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