Download Oppo Factory Mode V2.0

What are the free OPPO Factory Mode 2.0 tools?

OPPO Factory Mode is a small utility for Windows PC. Users are allowed to remove FRP, Remove Demo, Factory Reset and some of the useful features that come with this tool. The tool is developed by Sahirl techno and released on the YouTube channel. The tool comes with a keygen that you can generate and activate by yourself in just a few seconds.

Oppo Factory Mode tool V2.0
Oppo Factory Mode tool V2.0

Download Oppo Factory Mode V2.0

File Name: Oppo Factory Mode tool V2.0.rar

File size: 107MB

Compatible OS: Windows

Download Link Oppo Factory Mode V2.0  

A second link in case the first link does not work to download the Oppo Factory Mode tool V2.0

Features of Oppo Factory Mode, Tool:

  • Clear Frp in Factory Mode
  • remove demo
  • Imei Repair (Beta) MTK (Coming)
  • Bootloader - Fastboot Information
  • IMEI Support BETA Repair (Coming)
  • Support for MediaTek and Qualcomm devices:
  • And fix bugs.

What's new!!

  • Qualcomm OPPO-Realm-RENO Supported Models!!!
  • OPPO A53 (CPH2127)
  • OPPO A53s (CPH2139)
  • OPPO A11s PDVM00
  • OPPO A32 PDVM00
  • OPPO A33 CPH2137 
  • OPPO A33 (CPH2137)
  • OPPO F17 (CPH 2095)
  • OPPO F19 (CPH2219)
  • OPPO A73 (CPH 2099)
  • OPPO A74 (CPH2219)
  • OPPO A95 (CPH2365)

Qualcomm Reno - Realme:
  • RENO 4 (CPH2113)
  • RENO 5 (CPH2159)
  • RENO 6 (CPH2235)

  • Realme 6 Pro RMX 2061, RMX2063
  • Realm 7i RMX2103
  • Realm 7 Pro RMX 2170
  • Realm 8 Pro RMX 3081
  • Realm 9 RMX 3521
  • Realm 9i RMX3941
  • Realm C15 RMX 2195
  • Realm C17 RMX2101
  • Realme X2 Pro RMX 1931
  • Realme X3 RMX 2085, RMX2083
  • Realme X3 SuperZoom RMX2086
  • Realme X50 RMX2051, RMX2025

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