Download Ryz Tool V1.0.7 - Xiaomi Special Tool

What is Ryz Tool V1.0.7?

Ryz Tool V1.0.7 Lots of functions added to Xiaomi's own tool - Auto Update Tool  

Ryz Tool is a small utility for Windows PCs. The tool is now only supported by Xiaomi smartphones with all Qualcomm and MediaTek models or sideload mode also added in the tool With this feature, you can easily remove FRP, unlock and flash without opening the back cover of the mobile. The tool comes with the login version that you need to login to your account or fully activated by the developer, then you can use this tool.

Explain and download Ryz Tool V1.0.7
Ryz Tool V1.0.7

Ryz Tool V1.0.7 free download 

File size: 27MB

Compatible OS: Windows

Download Link Ryz Tool V1.0.7 

Second download link to download  Ryz Tool V1.0.7

Ryz Tool Features:

Xiaomi special function
  • IMEI Repair (Qualcomm)
  • IMEI 1, IMEI 2, Enter the box
  • Restart ADB
  • Fastboot mode unlocked
  • Exit Fastboot Mode
  • unlock recovery
  • recovery exit
  • QCN select
  • Auto repair start button


  • Select the Qcn. file
  • Create a new knee file

 Operation selection

  • QCN Backup (Diag Mode)
  • Diag mode open (root)
  • QCN . File Recovery
  • Phone Backup & Restore (MTP) - NEW

IMEI Repair (MTK)

  • MediaTek IMEI Repair - Some Select Models
  • Flash mode fixes
  • Open Mode Repair (Repair)
  • fix profile mode
  • Definition mode (MDDB)
  • MediaTek repair start button

 network repair

  • fix baseband null
  • Enable identification mode
  • beginning

Quick operation
  • unlock bootloader
  • Bootloader lock
  • FRP Reset
  • NVRAM Backup & Restore
  • Scan NVRAM
  • factory settings
  • MI . account bypass
  • Authentication bypass

Fastboot Flash

  • Firmware Download
  • select all
  • Auto restart
  • start flash


  • ADB. services
  • Read the information
  • Enable Diag (root)
  • Fastboot mode unlocked
  • Exit Fastboot Mode
  • Open recovery mode
  • Exit recovery mode
  • Fastboot to EDL
  • Restart ADB
  • auto root
  • Phone Backup, MTP Restore (New)

Fastboot Services
  • Read the information
  • FRP removal (open BL)
  • Unlock - Flash
  • Unlock GO
  • Unlock decisively
  • Fastboot Reboot
  • Set the boot slot a
  • Set the boot slot with
  • TWRP flash by the server

TWRP services
  • EFS Backup (TWRP)
  • EFS Scan (TWRP)
  • EFS Recovery (TWRP)

EDL Services
  • EFS Backup, Reset and Restore
  • Unlock the bootloader (Redmi Note 8 and Red, o Note 8T)

EDL flash
  •  Sideloading Services - New
  • Unlock temporary bootloader
  • Ryz tool
  • 7 Ryobi wet tile saw
  • Ryz tool mini
  • Ryz tool web site
  • Ryz tool used in engraving crossword
  • Ryz tool used in engraving
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