Download SamFw FRP Tool v3.2

What is SamFw FRP Tool 3.2?

SamFw FRP Tool v3.2 added a new security patch update - no need for any box dongle or activation...  

Explanation and download of SamFw FRP Tool 3.2
SamFw FRP Tool 3.2

SamFW FRP Tool  is the latest free ADB enable and reset FRP one-click software that helps users to enable ADB USB debugging mode through Samsung *#0*# (test mode) and bypass FRP lock from Samsung Galaxy Android 9, 10, 11 and 12 version devices. This is a new tool that provides a simple way to unlock FRP from Samsung within a minute, so, if you want a free tool to reset FRP lock from your Samsung phone, these are simple steps and download SamFW FRP Tool v3.2 on your computer.

Download SamFw FRP Tool v3.2

File Name: SamFw FRP Tool v3.2.rar

File size: 11MB

Compatible OS: Windows

 Download Link SamFw FRP Tool v3.2

The second link in case the first link does not work to download  SamFw FRP Tool v3.2


  1. Sam Fw FRP Tool 3.2.1 Update
  2. Add [test mode] remove FRP for new security patches (HOT)
  3. Add job description when hovering over the button
  4. Enhanced [ADB] No Samsung device required to connect to ADB function
  5. Optimized Just check Samsung USB Driver first  
  6. Fix [Test Mode] Information cannot be read after removing FRP FAIL

Basic function:

  • Remove FRP with one click
  • Change CSC with one click (beta)
  • Remove FRP with one click
  • Connect the phone to the computer and then install the Samsung phone driver if you have not installed it before.
  • Go to energy call and type *#0*#
  • Click Remove FRP on the tool
  • Click Accept USB debugging on the phone if it appears
  • After the phone finishes the process it will reboot after removing FRP

SamFw Tool Features:

  • Test mode (*#0*#)
  • remove FRP
  • factory settings
  • Disable Knox
  • Change CSC (This function changes to CSC in the list of supported CSC. Please use [ADB] - get list of supported CSC for details)

ADB. mode

Read full information (including root checker)
Disable OTA Update
ADB FRP (the old and new way)
Remove Samsung Account (This function removes the account only in settings, does not support locking status)
Delete bloatware (Korean, Japanese, American)
Battery information
Get a list of supported CSC (for [TEST MODE] CSC change)
remove lock screen (root)

Download Mode

  • Exit download mode
  • Soft Brick Fix
  • FRP Android 5/6 (Some models are supported. If you see an error while trying, your device is not supported)

Odin flash

  • Save recent flash files
  • Automatic file detection and slot identification
  • Automatic extraction of ZIP file
  • Ignore the MD5 checksum


  • Check driver signature enforcement status
  • Disable/enable driver signature enforcement
  • Install Samsung USB Driver
  • Install VC++ 2015 (for ADB works)
  • MTP Reboot System
  • MTP restart download mode
  • Dual mode MTP restart
  • ADB restarts system
  • ADB restarts download mode
  • ADB restarts recovery mode
  • Turn off ADB
  • Read the information
  • Read the information about MTP mode
  • Read information about download mode
  • Next job
  • Install XAPK directly
  • Install any apps for Samsung dual message
  • Disable Factory Mode
  • [root] Chang SN
  • [ROOT] Change the battery cycle
  • [ROOT] Show saved wifi password
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