Explain and download Vyper And Tir Tool 1.9.01 (Free)

What is Vyper And Tir Tool 1.9.01?

Vyper And there is a great little tool for Windows PC. Users are allowed modules Sam + ADB, MTP Open Browser, Sam Flash, APP Man ADB, Mediatek, Mediatek Py, Qualcomm, Moto Flash tool and Fast boot. And more in one tool.

Explain and download Vyper And Tir Tool 1.9.01 (Free)

Vyper And Tir Tool 1.9.01 (Free)

File Name: Vyper And Tir Tool 1.9.01 (Free)

File size: 209 MB

Compatible OS: Windows

Vyper And Tir Tool 1.9.01 (Free) Download Link 

Vyper And Tir Features:

  • Contact and information
  • Activate ADB
  • Download replay
  • Factory reset (factory reset)
  • FRP removed in ADB mode (FRP 2022, FRP old method)
  • MTP Browser
  • Restart ADB
  • Deactivate OTAA Updates

Fast boot. Jobs
  • Bootloader OEM Unlock
  • FRP SPD 
  • Qualcomm
  • HTC
  • ZTE
  • Reboot the device in a different mode

Tool functions
  • Motorola Serial Recovery
  • Bootloop recovery
  • Format user data and cache

MOTO Flashtool
  • Define an XML flash file
  • flash
  • Bootloader OEM Unlock
  • IMEI information


  • Vyper And Tir Tool 1.9.01
  • Open MTP Browser
  • Intended for bypass calculations, it is used to do the manual method.
  • Open applications via MTP.
  • YouTube
  • activity manager
  • Alliance Shield
  • Android Hide Settings
  • Google Maps
  • APK apps
  • Menu apps
  • Sam flash unit
  • Dedicated flashing unit for Samsung OS

Samsung flash operating system
  • Restart in download mode
  • Restart in normal mode
  • Tar MD5 converter to flash independent sections

App Man ADB
List through ADB phone applications and systems, those that have been downloaded, those that are activated, and those that are disabled. To remove antivirus applications, etc.

Jobs (ADB)
  • disable
  • Removal
  • Clear data cache
  • Install APK
  • Can
  • Notifications (for some models only)
  • KG MDM (ADB) Methods
  • The list of requests related to KG
  • Check the status of KG
  • FRP Methods (ADB)
  • FRP 2022

MediaTek unit:
Intended for phones with a MediaTek processor that uses SP . Flash Tool technology

  • FRP 1 writing method
  • FRP 2 method requires an OS scatter format
MediaTek PY Module
  • Intended for phones with MediaTek processor.
  • No Python installation required.
  • GPT reading shows the partition table in the text
  • Authentication bypass
  • Unloading the preloader
  • Sections
  • Connection
  • Back / Write / Erase
  • hard to re
  • Bootloader
  • Unlock / Re-lock the bootloader
  • FRP
  • FRP Samsung
  • FRP Account / Mi

Qualcomm unit
Intended for phones with Qualcomm processors, requires the use of the firehouse loader.
GPT reading shows the partition table in the text
Sections / Delivery
Back / Write / Erase
hard to re

  • Intended for installing Motorola operating systems through Fast boot
  • boot manager
  • Unlock the old bootloader
  • Close the old bootloader
  • Open/close the bootloader a new method
  • xml blinking
  • One click selects XML file

Fastboot mode
  1. They are processed through Fast boot.
  2. boot manager
  3. FRP. Methods
  4. Qualcomm FRP
  6. Reposition
  7. normal mode
  8. recovery mode
  9. Idle mode
  10. Fastboot mode

  • Motorola Signal Recovery
  • Boot Loop Frozen Phone Repair
  • Format user data and cache
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