how to create business email address

How to create a business email address?

How to create business email address  A business email address is an email address that includes the domain name assigned to your business, such as, rather than a free personal email client such as Professional email is a must for businesses of all sizes and comes with a number of benefits from credibility to security. Follow along to learn how to easily create a business email address, in just a few minutes.

Why do I need a how to create a business email address?

Business email is essential for businesses for a number of reasons. Not only does it give you a way to separate your work email from your personal email, but it also looks more professional, is easier to remember, provides more control and enhances your security.

Here's why every company should use a professional "how to create business email address":

  • Credibility: When you email potential customers from a professional email address, it has multiple benefits.

  • Branding:  Imagine sharing a business website address with a potential customer and then sending an offer or product details from a personal email account. This confuses the potential customer and is less likely to buy the confused prospect. When you send email from a business email account, it improves brand consistency and therefore your chances of conversion.

  • More memorable: Unlike personal email, business email is directly related to your business and website, making it easier to remember or recall.
  • Increase Control: With work email, you can set up an administrator and manage all email accounts. For example, you can set up new employee accounts, as well as remove old accounts and set up email forwarding.

  • Enhanced Security: The best business email service providers offer enhanced security features to help you further protect your accounts. Business email is recommended not only to enhance security for external communications but also internally.

Professional communication requires professional email. On top of the above benefits, having a business email opens the door to more integrations, email addresses (e.g. and more organized business.

What is email hosting?

Email hosting "how to create business email address" is a service that hosts your email account and associated files on a remote server. In addition to storing emails and files, the email host also provides additional services such as:

  • Receive forwarded emails to your network
  • Email authentication and security
  • Email management and filtering

Each email hosting service provides different services and emphasizes different aspects of email management. You should choose one that meets your business email needs while also fitting your budget.

How to create a business email address How to create a business email address in 7 easy steps?

There are a few different ways to create a business email address, from using an email service provider like Google Workspace or Microsoft Outlook or using an email hosting service, like DreamHost or SiteGround. Since Google Workspace is one of the most popular email service providers in the world which offers very easy account setup, many features and competitive pricing, we will use it as an example.

If you've already used Gmail for personal email, the learning curve is quite flat because the interface is the same, and if you don't have a domain name, Google Workspace will also help you buy it. Create a Google Workspace account for a free 14-day trial against your credit card details and get started.

How to create a business email address with Google Workspace:

  1. Go to and click Get Started
  2. Enter your contact information (for example, company name, employees, country)
  3. Determine if you already have a domain name (for example,
  4. If you have a domain, you will be asked to connect it. If you do not have a domain, you will be prompted to search for a domain to purchase.
  5. Enter your business information (for example, address)
  6. Choose your username and password
  7. Select a plan and complete the checkout process
  8. Once you've created your business email with Google Workspace, go ahead and add your custom email signature and add any integrations that might be useful to you and your business, like Cal Friendly or DocuSign.
  9. Keep in mind that when you create a business email with Google Workspace, you will automatically start a 14-day free trial. So use the time to determine if it is the right email provider for you, and if not, try one of the best email hosting services.
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