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How to Manage LinkedIn Ads Campaigns: A Beginner's Guide

LinkedIn ads are a very, very powerful tool for connecting with like-minded professionals and technicians. But there's one thing we don't talk about as often as we should: LinkedIn ads are also a very useful online marketing platform.

LinkedIn ads have a very powerful advertising platform. If you're  already using PPC techniques to grow your business on Facebook, Twitter, or Google, consider yourself lucky: you can also add LinkedIn ads to that list.

But if you're new to LinkedIn ads, don't worry - we've put together a step-by-step tutorial for setting up your first LinkedIn ad campaign. Bookmark this post and come back to it when you're ready to get started.

How to Manage LinkedIn Ads Campaigns: A Beginner's Guide

Advertising on LinkedIn consists of two steps:

1) Set up your LinkedIn ads campaign.
2) Create your own LinkedIn ads.

In this section, we show you how to set up a campaign and create your ads, as well as some best practices and tips for each.

Define the goal of your LinkedIn ads campaign.

At first choose your campaign objective.

The campaign objective is what you want people to do when they see your ads. According to LinkedIn ads, goal setting helps "customize integrated campaign creation, deliver the best return on investment for the advertiser's goal, and view all relevant reports."

There are three general themes of the campaign:
  • Awareness
  • thinking
  • Transfers

Website visits will direct all visitors to your website and landing pages. According to LinkedIn ads, this type of campaign will also increase brand awareness (at least as long as this thematic option is not available).  

Commitment This will increase engagement with your content and increase followers on your LinkedIn ads company page. 
Video views will increase the exposure of your videos to people who can interact with them.

Lead generation displays a LinkedIn ad lead generation form with pre-populated LinkedIn ads profile data for LinkedIn ads users who are most likely to interact with the form. 

Set your advertising audience on linkedin ad.

Then choose the parameters of your target audience. Targeting who is viewing your linkedin ad ads can help you achieve your campaign goal: the more specific and relevant you are to your audience, the better you will perform. Linkedin Ad allows you to split into several different categories, which we have defined below.

You don't have to use these options, but the more specific your targeting criteria are, the more relevant they are to the target audience you choose, and therefore the more likely you are to get a great ROI. 

First answer a few basic questions, such as what language you want your ad to appear in. It can be written in any of the 20 languages ​​that LinkedIn ads support, including Spanish, French, German, English, and Arabic.

You must also specify at least one geographic location for your ads. Depending on your business, it may be helpful to have more specific instructions. You can select a wide location like Australia or a specific location like the San Francisco Bay Area. Consider excluding any sites close to your campaign so you don't waste your budget on sites where your ad isn't relevant.

Company  If your target audience has a specific business owner, you can select it directly, including the name. However, there is no need to take specific names into account; LinkedIn ads also allow you to target companies based on industry (such as legal, non-profit, or financial firms) and the size of the company small or large.

Demographics  If your audience is heavily biased towards gender or age, target them with your ad.

Education:  If you want to target people with a certain educational background, you can target your ads based on schools. For example, you might try to target alumni of a particular university; You can contact her through linkedin ads. You can also customize the direction according to the field of study and the educational grade.

Work experience:  If your product or service is best for CFOs, or technicians, targeting only people who have a CFO in their title will increase your conversions and ultimately save you money. You can choose specific job titles or choose between job titles, seniority and years of experience. You can target a specific group of people for your ads, from the CEO of a manufacturing company to your junior colleagues at an accounting firm.

Your target audience may also have a certain skill set, such as email marketing or financial planning and risk management. Think about what your target audience does well or where you aspire to excel. Then use the ad to target people with similar abilities.

Interests:  One of the best features of linkedin ad is the ability to join certain groups of like-minded professionals where you can discuss industry and business trends and topics. If your audience talks a lot about a topic, or you are trying to gain opinion leadership in a specific area, this type of targeting may be a good option for you.

Once you set your ad targeting criteria, you can save it as a template for your next or future campaigns. You can also allow linkedin ads to expand your audience to include people similar to your target audience.

Select your LinkedIn ad format.

Then choose your ad format. In the next section, we detail the different types of Linkedin Ads that you can create as part of your campaign.

When you switch between  linkedin ads types, you will see that the expected results box on the right side will change. This function analyzes your campaign parameters (delivery, budget, routing, start and end date, etc.) and takes into account similar campaigns and advertisers. It also simulates auction ads generating the numbers displayed.

Watch this box when you choose your LinkedIn ads ad type . If you're starting out for the first time, deciding which type of advertising to choose can lower your budget. Describe your priorities, and then you can decide which type is right for you.

Also, some types of ads require a link to a LinkedIn ads company page, and others make use of LinkedIn ads' translation services .

Choose your LinkedIn ad location.

Next, decide if you want your ad to appear on the LinkedIn ads audience network, giving your campaign broader reach and visibility across third-party LinkedIn ad platforms and sites. Note: This option is not available for all types of ads.

You can also choose to exclude or block certain categories, apps, and sites if you wish.

Determine your advertising budget and schedule.

Then set up the bidding, schedule, and quotation options that work for you.

Income:  Budget daily for the best in your company's marketing expenses. Before investing heavily in sentence, test and measure the success of each campaign and ad format. You don't want to put thousands of dollars, for example, into an ad that doesn't resonate with your target audience.

Let's say you're the vice president of marketing for a high-end flower company. She assumes the majority of her target market is soon-to-be brides, so she directs her LinkedIn ads to wedding groups. But after spending thousands of dollars, it only generates 10% of the leads you expected.

Her subsequent research shows that this was a wrong move, and then she discovers that people close to her LinkedIn ads store are already looking for flowers for company events. It was nice to know that before you spent a huge amount of your budget on LinkedIn ads, wasn't it?

However, due to the broad targeting opportunities, LinkedIn ads successfully target niche markets. But being careful is critical from the start: If you find that the campaign is doing well, you can put a bigger budget on it.

Calendar:  Choose a date to start your campaign. You can indicate that your campaign is running continuously or until the end date.

Offer type:  In this section, you have three options:

Auto-display, which lets LinkedIn ads decide how much to increase your campaign goal and the option you choose (clicks, impressions, or conversions). 

Show your maximum CPC, as you will be charged every time someone clicks on your ad. LinkedIn ads suggests a bid range based on your budget and competition for your ads: the more advertisers you bid on in a similar campaign, the higher your bid. This offer is the maximum you can bear. If the current price is less than your maximum bid, you will be charged only the current price.

Offer a maximum payout per 1,000 impressions (CPM), where you will be charged a certain amount each time 1,000 people on LinkedIn ads see your ad. This option is not available if you are using the LinkedIn Audience Network option.  

Deciding on the best offer can be difficult. When choosing between CPC and CPM, consider your end goal. Are you trying to get as many people as possible to see your ad to help you with something like a branding campaign? If so, CPM may be your best option.

On the other hand, if you want more people to click on your ads to drive traffic to your website or generate new leads, CPC may be better for you.

As for the best bid, some trial and error may be necessary. LinkedIn ads will give you a suggested offer, which is a good place to start. Then think about when your audience is likely to be online. You will need to bid higher during that specific period to ensure that your ads are showing.

Also, make sure LinkedIn ads is the best place to connect with them - different demographics use different types of social media. Play with your bids and see when you're getting the most return on your money spent.

Don't forget to track the conversion.

Finally, you have the option to set up conversion tracking for your LinkedIn ads campaign, which tracks and measures the actions people take after clicking on your ads.
Conversion tracking is an optional part of setting up your LinkedIn ad campaign, but it's invaluable to your business.

If you choose to configure conversion tracking, click .

A new window will appear, where you will name your conversion, choose your conversion settings, and select how conversions will be tracked. Note: The information on the right side of the window is very useful: it will answer any questions you have and guide you through the process.

Well done! You'll officially set up your LinkedIn ad campaign... but it's not finished yet. When you're ready to proceed, click Save. Be warned: your target and ad format will change once you save, so check your choices before you go ahead.
For more help on how to implement and manage LinkedIn ads conversions, visit their help page here.

Create your own LinkedIn ad.

This section corresponds to the type of LinkedIn ads you've chosen for your campaign. Once you have set the basic parameters of your ad in the first step, you will be asked to start creating it and choose how LinkedIn ads display and rotate the different ad formats, if you have created more than one.

A screen titled 'Create a new (your chosen ad type) for this campaign' will appear where you will create a copy of your ad, match it to an image and preview the different creative options.

Of course, there are some guidelines for the version you're suggesting:
An ad image is the artwork or graphic that your audience will see for your ad. It should be 100 x 100 pixels in size and upload as a .jpg or .png file of 2MB or less.

The ad title, which is the main message your audience is seeing. It cannot be more than 25 characters.  

Ad description, which is the text of your ad. It can be up to 75 characters long and must be relevant to both the person viewing the ad and the view or page it was sent to.  

This destination URL is where your audience will go when they click on your ad. Verify that the URL is correct.  

Once you enter this information, you will see it reflected in the preview box on the right.

Once you click on it, you will return to the previous campaign manager screen. From there, you can create more ads, review and eventually submit your application. 

Note: LinkedIn ads reviews all submitted campaign requests, so don't expect to see your ads posted right away.

To see the best results for your ads, consider creating a different ad for each buyer and adjusting the copy accordingly. For example, when promoting a book to university professors, directing the title with "A teacher's guide to college..." may result in a higher CTR than generic, non-targeted copies and titles.

Here are some of our best writing tips for LinkedIn ads.

Call to Action (CTA) :  Including a call to action in your ad copy will help you improve your ad's click-through rate (CTR). Consider asking people to "download your ebook now" or "click now for free samples" rather than writing a copy that lacks actionable next steps.

Value:  Incorporating your value proposition into your ad copy; This may make it more likely that people will click on your ad. By flaunting something like "20% off your first purchase" or "Liquidation ends today - buy now", you're sending a clear signal of exactly what someone will earn when they click on your ad.

Exams:  Don't be afraid to test your ad copy. You can create multiple variations of your ad in each campaign, allowing you to choose and copy different images within the ads to find what works best for your audience.

As we said earlier, deciding which type of LinkedIn ads is best for your campaign can be influenced by many factors: budget, audience, and campaign objective, to name a few.

When creating LinkedIn ads, you have four main types to choose from. Within these formats, you can choose different formats based on the content and purpose of your ad.

1. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content appears in your audience's news among free content on LinkedIn ads.
These ads are similar to promotional posts mixed with social media. Sponsored content is available in three formats:
  • One image ads, display one image
  • Circular ads containing two or more images
  • Display video ads on video
  • Generally, this type of LinkedIn ads has the highest average cost-per-click (CPC).
  • Learn more about advertising specifications for sponsored content according to LinkedIn ads.

2. Message ads

Message ads are delivered to the target audience's LinkedIn ads inbox.
With this type of LinkedIn ads, you can send content directly to your audience from a personal account, and better measure engagement based on the recipient's response and actions.
Learn more about the ad specifications for message ads according to LinkedIn ads.

3. Dynamic ads

Dynamic ads are personalized ads that change content based on the individual audience who is viewing them. This type of LinkedIn ads uses personal data of members to design their own creative content.
(Every LinkedIn ads member sees their own personal data; the data is not shared with other members.)
  • Dynamic ads are available in three formats, and are only available on the LinkedIn ads desktop platform:
  • Follower Ads Promote your company page on  LinkedIn ads
  • Featured ads, promoting a special offer
  • Job ads promoting open jobs
  • Learn more about the specifications for dynamic ads according to LinkedIn ads.

4. Text ads

Text ads appear in the left column or top of the page on LinkedIn ads.
They are the simplest of LinkedIn ads, but still effective in increasing awareness and reaching your audience. Pay per click or print for text ads.
Learn more about the advertising specifications for text ads on LinkedIn ads.
Social advertising campaigns can always be improved. Remember that your audience and your content are always changing, and so is the platform itself. Here are some best practices for optimizing your LinkedIn ads campaign.
Set a reminder to analyze and improve your campaigns every month.

1. Analyze your LinkedIn ads campaign.

LinkedIn ads makes it easy to track your progress in the Campaign Manager dashboard (under "Campaign Performance"), where you'll see different charts that measure performance such as clicks, spend, and CTR. You can also track conversions on charts to the bottom of the panel.

When you're done setting up your first campaign, you'll see several "zeroes" at the start. Don't worry, it's just because your campaign is new (and don't forget that LinkedIn ads must publicly approve your ads before they can be published).

2- Look at the  CTR for each campaign.

Does one campaign outperform the other? If this is the case, you may want to stop less successful campaigns.
LinkedIn ads will automatically display less successful campaigns less frequently, so it makes sense to reduce the resources spent on them. Instead, putting more resources into successful ad formats and campaigns is more likely to achieve your marketing goals.

3. Adjust one variable at a time.

Just because your LinkedIn ads is performing poorly doesn't mean you have to give up on everything. Try different variations of the same ad to see what factor contributes or hinders its success.

Edit the copy in your title, change your job image, edit your target audience attributes or update your offerings, just don't do it all at the same time or you won't know what the solution is.

4. Get to know your audience and stay with them.

Review your target audience every month. Check the buyer persona and then research the audience attributes that might need some tweaking in your campaign.
Update these topics regularly so that the best people can always see your ads and hopefully interact with them.

5. Evaluate LinkedIn ads using post-click reports.

Once your ads are shown and people start clicking on them, it's time to determine if they are actually driving qualified traffic to your website. This isn't something LinkedIn ad can tell you, so you'll need to do some closed reporting on these campaigns to get more details about this traffic formation.  

How do you solve that? These are “closed” offers and formats: when someone clicks on your ad and appears on your website, “grouping” the content you provide with a lead form will help you collect data that qualifies that person as a good lead (or not) the capture form leads This depends on the use of CRM software, so once the information is retrieved, your sales team can act on it.

But don't neglect your LinkedIn ads campaigns in favor of CRM landing page template data. Is your website traffic ranked by LinkedIn ad ads? Do you generate clients? Otherwise, you may need to optimize your campaigns even more.

For example, if your LinkedIn ads target people at 1 to 10 companies, but you find that the majority of your closed business comes from potential customers from 100 to 200 companies, then stop paying to target those small businesses. on LinkedIn.

The targeting options we covered earlier allow you to change any of your criteria, so use them to your advantage.

Are you ready to try a new advertising strategy?

With the right amount of patience and strategy, LinkedIn ads advertising campaigns can be a key factor in your company's marketing success. LinkedIn has a very powerful advertising platform; Don't leave it off your social campaign marketing list.

A well-thought-out campaign can attract thousands of potential customers and new sales.

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