Free Download XU-Tool V1.0

What is XU-Tool V1.0 with Keygen Free Download

XU-Tool (Xiaomi Unlocker) V1.0 is a one-click unlock tool for PC which you can use to unlock FRP, remove screen lock, unlock patterns, read gesture locks, write security files, fix wifi problems, on Xiaomi phones quite easily.

Description and download of XU-Tool (Xiaomi Unlocker) V1.0
XU-Tool (Xiaomi Unlocker) V1.0

The procedure of using XU-Tool (Xiaomi Unlocker) for PC is very easy, just launch the tool and plug your device into EDL, Download, ADB or Fastboot Mode, now it will unlock FRP lock easily from your device. But first make sure you have installed the proper USB driver to use this tool without facing any error.  

If you are facing FRP on your phone, let me tell you clearly, you cannot use the phone without Google account verification. Since Android update the security patch every 2-3 months to fix the old unlock patch. But at this time, FRP Unlock tool works great on PC to get rid of FRP problem. Follow these simple steps on how to use FRP Unlock Tool to bypass FRP lock from any Android phone.

Free Download XU-Tool V1.0:

File Name: XU-Tool V1.0 free.rar

File size: 108MB

Compatible OS: Windows

Download Link XU-Tool V1.0 

A second link in case the first link does not work to download XU-Tool V1.0  

XU-TOOL Features:

  • MediaTek and Qualcomm
  • Remove FRP
  • bootloader
  • Factory reset
  • MI TEMP Bypass account

Fastboot mode

  • Choice 1
  • check 2
  •  check 3
  •  check 4


  • dev . manager
  • Driver MediaTek
  • HS-9008 64 bit
  • HS-9008 32 bit

How to use XU-Tool?

  • You need to download XU-Tool from the link above
  • After that, open the folder you have to extract all the files
  • Run "XU-TOOL 1.0 Unlocker.exe"
  • Next, copy the hwid and open keygen you added in the same folder
  • Next, create a key from keygen and copy it from there and paste it on XU-Tool, click on unlock button, now you have successfully activated the tool
  • Connect the phone and try to do any function


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