Explanation and Download BMB Nokia Pin FRP Remove Tool V1

What is the BMB Nokia unlock tool V1

Download BMB unlock Nokia Tool V1 - User Lock Removal Tools  
BMB Nokia Tool is a free Nokia device services tool that allows users to remove FRP from Nokia phones, and remove Pin/Pattern from latest Nokia devices.  

Download BMB Nokia  Pin FRP Remove Tool V1
 BMB Nokia Pin FRP Remove Tool V2

Download bmb Nokia  Pin FRP Remove Tool V1 is a free

File size: 3MB
Compatible Operating System: All Windows Versions
A second link in case the first link does not work to download BMB Nokia Pin erase frp Remove 

Features of bmb unlock tool v1

  1. factory settings
  2. erase FRP
  3. Reboot Bootloader
  4. Factory reset 1
  5. FRP FB Mode Reset (frp reset)
  6. Reset pin mode FB
  7. frp remove pattern

Supported models:

  • Nokia 1.3: TA-1216, TA-1205 
  • Nokia 1.4: TA-1322, TA-1323
  • TA-1329 
  • Nokia 2.2: TA-1183, TA-1179 
  • TA-1191 ،TA-1188 
  • Nokia 2.3: TA-1211, TA-1214
  • TA-1206 ،TA-1209 
  • Nokia 2.4: TA-1277, TA-1275
  • TA-1274 ،TA-1270 
  • Nokia 2V Tela: TA-1136 
  • Nokia 3.2: TA-1156, TA-1159, TA-1164 
  • Nokia 3.4: TA-1288, TA-1285, TA-1283 
  • Nokia 3V: TA-1182, TA-1153 
  • Nokia 4.2: TA-1184, TA-1133
  • TA-1149 ، TA-1150
  • TA-1157 ،TA-1152 
  • Nokia 5.3: TA-1234
  •  TA-1223، TA-1227، TA-1229
  • Nokia 5.4: TA-1333, TA-1340
  • TA-1337، TA-1328، TA-1325
  • Nokia 8.3: TA-1243, TA-1251
  • Nokia 8V 5G UW: TA-1257
  • Nokia C1: TA-1165
  • Nokia C2: TA-1233, TA-1204
  • Nokia C2 Tava and Tennen: TA-1218
  • Nokia C3: TA-1292, TA-1239, TA-1298
  • Nokia C5 Endi: TA-1222
  • Nokia C10: TA-1342
  • Nokia C20: TA-1339
  •  TA-1348، TA-1352، TA-1356
  • Nokia C20 Plus: TA-1388, TA-1380
  • Nokia G10: TA-1334
  • TA-1351
  •  TA-1346 ، TA-1338
  • Nokia G20: TA-1336, TA-1343
  • TA-1347 ، TA-1372 ، TA-1365
  • Nokia X10: TA-1350, TA-1332
  • Nokia X20: TA-1341, TA-1344
  • Nokia C30: TA-1357, TA-1377
  • TA-1369 ، TA-1360 ، TA-1359
  • Nokia XR20 Nokia C1
  •  Second Edition: TA-1380 
  • Nokia G400: N1530DL
  • Nokia T10: TA-1462
  • Nokia G11 Plus: TA-1421
  • TA-1408، TA-1413، TA-1429
  • Nokia C200: TA-1437
  • Nokia C100: TA-1484
  • Nokia C21 Plus: TA-1433
  • TA-1431، TA-1426، TA-1424
  • Nokia C21: TA-1356, TA-1352
  • Nokia C2 2nd Edition: TA-1468, TA-1454
  • Nokia G11: TA-1401
  • Nokia G21: TA-1418, TA-1477, TA-1415
  •  TA-1405 ، TA-1404 ، TA-1412
  • Nokia X100: TA-1399
  • Nokia G300: TA-1374
  • Nokia T20: TA-1397, TA-1394, TA-1392 
  • Nokia G50: TA-1358, TA-1390
  • TA-1370, TA-1367, TA-1361 Other


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