AHT PORT TOOL V2 2nd Edition for free

Download AHT PORT TOOL V2 with new features

AHT PORT TOOL is a free tool that helps the software technician in dealing with smart phones via the computer. The tool does not need to activate usb debugging, you just need to choose the modem port only, and it does the required task.

Download AHT PORT TOOL V2 with new features

Features of AHT PORT TOOL V2

The tool in the second version contains the following features:

  • Change csc carrier conversion: for all Samsung phones and only via Modem Port without the need for adb mode.
  • Bypass FRP modem port.
  • Bypass KG & MDM protection via the modem port.
  • The FRP ADB option is used after the tool activates adb to bypass the Google account, if it is not then skipped directly, this option is resorted to.

Download  AHT PORT TOOL V2

File name: AHT PORT TOOL V2.rar

File size: 4 MB

Download Link AHT PORT TOOL V2 

Various additions in the Samsung section:

  • Read info: To read phone data such as model, security, and Android version.
  • Reboot Normal: to reboot the phone to the normal mode, and it can be used if the phone cannot be restarted manually.
  • zero spc: to zero the SPC.
  • Enable ADB VZW Old: To enable adb mode for older Verizon phones in order to bypass the Google account.
  • Enable Hidden Menu VZW: To solve the problem of Samsung Verizon phones not responding to scan codes and others.
  • Enable Diag VZW: To activate the Diag for Samsung Verizon phones.
  • Fix 3G Sprint: To solve the 3G problem in Samsung Exynos phones such as A10s J737P A205U and others.
  • Skip Screen Lock Old: Skip screen lock (old phones only).
  • Format Userdata (Hard Reset) : To format using the modem port, in case the recovery cannot be reached, this command is used.
  • Read Info Download Mode: To read the phone data in the download mode, it is used to verify the model, version, and protection before flashing.
  • Enable Adb all in test mode: It activates adb mode on any Samsung phone that has FRP if the phone is in test mode, and the test mode is entered through the code “zero star” from emergency calls.

These were just the main additions to the tool, and there is also a section for LG phones that contains many services, and there is also a General section that also contains other services.

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