New Tales from Borderlands review: The enchanting sequel

With New Tales from the Borderlands, the Borderlands franchise has been enriched with yet another adventure with offbeat humour - but with more relaxed gameplay. How well the formula ignites, we show in our test.

Nearly eight years after "Tales from the Borderlands," the sequel to "New Tales from the Borderlands" is a new role-playing game for the popular franchise. Unlike the first part, this one was not produced by Telltale Games - the studio had to close its doors in 2018 due to financial difficulties.

Gearbox Software itself is responsible for the new branch, which has already played a leading role in the successful main entries for Borderlands and "Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel". In our review of "New Tales from the Borderlands" we show if Gearbox also knows how to capture the magic of the Borderlands series in a classic adventure, apart from first-person shooters.

New Tales from Borderlands review: The enchanting sequel
New Tales from Borderlands review: The enchanting sequel

New Tales from Borderlands Review: Working Borderlands Formula

Regarding the story of New Tales from the Borderlands, fans of the predecessor must change. Rather than a direct continuation of the story of Fiona and Rhys, the sequel is set after the events of Borderlands 3 and focuses on three new characters. with Dr. Anuradha Dhar, (also) self-confident but random Octavio Wallace-Dhar, and always angry Francine Miskovic is a colourful mix of heroes to be found, who at least go through their obvious weaknesses as sympathetic heroes.

The three heroes live their tiny lives in the context of the Borderlands universe on the planet Promethea before an invasion shakes up the last of the three heroes and brings them together. As usual in the series, the plot leads to a legendary hidden treasure that the three heroes want to claim for themselves - including conflicts. The classic Borderlands' offbeat humour certainly isn't overlooked. Anyone who loved the slapstick of major games will also be well served in New Tales from the Borderlands.

The gearbox has refined the well-known formula from Telltale Games in the new branch. As always, dialogues are the staple of gameplay par excellence: if we are asked to do so, we have to decide on an answer within a short period of time, which sometimes has subtle, sometimes harsh effects on the course of the story.

At the end of each chapter - there are five of them - we also get a summary showing the consequences of our choice. Some of them had surprising consequences that enhance the value of the game's reboot - after all, the alternate storylines are intriguingly coherent. With a total of five possible endings, the grand finale is also exciting to follow a few more times.

In addition to the dialogues, there are also Quick Events (QTE) in New Tales from the Borderlands, which can also have an impact on the course of the story. Even the question of whether we take any action at all during QTE or just let time pass can have consequences.

At least, these events are well executed, although tastes can argue whether QTEs belong in story games at all. The same goes for the mini-games, which primarily offer a lot of variety in the beginning, but are a bit monotonous and simple to say the least by Vaultlander's tenth duel.

New Tales from Borderlands Review: Timeless Graphic Style

The Borderlands series is almost synonymous with the sale shader look, which is also used in New Tales from the Borderlands. As with the release of the first part, the adventure branch can also completely convince with the loving design and sometimes crazy designs.

However, the graphics of New Tales from the Borderlands have to deal with one point of criticism, which applies only to the PC version: the options are very poor - in addition to resolution, only the texture quality and anti-aliasing can be the best. Modified. Especially those who would like to make a more detailed graphic setting with a more powerful computer bite on the granite here. However, PS5 or Xbox Series X/S owners don't really care about this aspect.

New Tales from Borderlands in Test: Conclusion

Even if it's not a first-person shooter: New Tales from the Borderlands works, thanks to its lovable cast and exemplary show stopping humour. Combined with Telltale's proven formula, this creates an exciting adventure with replay value, although not all of the gameplay changes hit the target. New Tales from the Borderlands is a must for fans of the franchise.


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