The best free WhatsApp monitoring program for children for the year 2023

What is the way to monitor children's WhatsApp and know conversations in 2022? Detailed Explanation?

Many parents are looking for the "WhatsApp messages" detector recently, even the beloved and beloved, so that he can read anyone’s WhatsApp messages by phone number. Recently, the use of the WhatsApp application has spread greatly, as it is the first and most widely used social networking application throughout The world,

as it has exceeded 5 billion active people on the application, during this article we provide you with one of the most powerful "WhatsApp 2023" monitoring programs, and we also provide you with a comprehensive guide on the mechanism of dealing with the program, and explain its most prominent features.

In the event that you are looking to hack WhatsApp chat detection software, you will not find better than Kids Guard for WhatsApp that is dedicated to this process, easy to use and provides you with a very powerful tracking dashboard.

The best free WhatsApp monitoring program for children for the year 2023

Download whatsapp monitoring software for android

There are a lot of programs specialized in monitoring WhatsApp, but unfortunately you will not find any program that fulfills your desires like Kids Guard for WhatsApp.
Kids Guard for WhatsApp
Software name: Kids Qurad For WhatsApp
Programmer: Clevguard

The program for monitoring my husband’s phone WhatsApp has many completely unique features, perhaps the first lies in its ease of use, as it does not require you to have any experience in order to be able to spy on WhatsApp completely.
Works without Root or Jailbreak

yes! The developers have worked to provide the program to work on the Android platform as well as the iPhone platforms, the really great thing is that it works without root or jailbreak, and despite that, it provides you with a large number of tools used to monitor your children’s activities on WhatsApp completely.

All you have to do is follow the installation steps you find at the end of the article, which will only take you a few minutes, then you will be completely ready to monitor WhatsApp remotely through the control panel associated with your account that you registered with the site.

Then you can see the following:
  • conversations
  • cases
  • calls
  • Call Recording
  • Voice messages
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Screenshots
  • the documents
The program also includes “warning words” during which you add specific words, if this person uses them in any conversation, you will receive an alert immediately attached with all its details.

It also provides you with “setting the time” in the event that you want to specify a specific period of time in which your children use WhatsApp daily, or for each day a specific time.

Monitor multiple apps

The developers have provided this program specifically for parents, and therefore their activities have been expanded besides WhatsApp, as they provide many tracking programs for several other applications, among which are currently available:

  • Complete Android Monitoring Software (No Root)
  • Complete iPhone Monitoring Software (Without Jailbreak)
  • whatsapp monitoring software
  • Line monitoring software
  • iCloud Monitoring Software
  • Vowly live location tracker
  • mobile monitoring apps
The company is still striving to provide a larger package of "Kids Grad" programs for various applications, in various fields, at the cheapest prices and with many advantages that make it the first in its field.

Many other features

Follow the steps below so you can learn how to run WhatsApp Spy, Kids Guard provides you with many awesome tools that will enable you to completely spy on the other party with ease and without the need to have experience in dealing with these programs.

It has a very simple user interface, with the cheapest price, and it works without the need to tamper with system files or download malware, and it also gives you the ability to have complete control over the monitoring software.

  1. Works in stealth mode (difficult to detect by the other party)
  2. Ease of connection process for monitoring
  3. remote spying
  4. Real-Time Tracking
  5. See/or listen to deleted call logs
  6. Listen to voice messages
The program provides you with a detailed graph that shows you how much the other party uses WhatsApp, which times he spends more hours, what contacts are most talked / called, and many other things that will enable you to fully monitor your son or daughter.

How to monitor WhatsApp conversations for free for iPhone

The iPhone version provides you with the following features:
  • Monitor all social media apps
  • Ability to import all activities on the phone and extract media files in one go
  • The ability to read all messages on the mobile
  • The ability to recover deleted messages with one click
  • The ability to view the entire “call history”
  • Full access to all files on the phone

How to monitor WhatsApp conversations for free

In the following lines, we provide you with an explanation of the steps attached to the pictures to facilitate the process of using the program. Follow the steps completely so that you can monitor WhatsApp through the number 2023 with ease:

  • Create an account on the site via the following link: Sign Up
  • Monitor WhatsApp boys
  • Select your plan, then proceed to follow the “Instructions Guide”
  • spy on whatsapp
  • On the Android phone you want to track, go to the following link: install apk, then drag to download
  • Install WhatsApp monitoring software
  • Install the program
  • Enter your account data that you created to link it to the mobile for remote tracking
  • Click on Verify Setup

How to monitor WhatsApp 2023

Activated successfully! You will be taken to the website's trackpad
Kids Guard WhatsApp Dashboard
Close the application
Now you can notice that the application has completely disappeared from the screen, it will only appear in the “Manage applications”, you can now go to the site and start the tracking process.

Please note that after connecting, it takes a few hours to start saving data for the first time only
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