Download Free Muslim Odin All Versions

Download Muslim Odin all versions

Islamic Odin is a program created by Ali Hosny that allows you to flash Samsung phones in a simple and unique way. It also facilitates the creation of files such as Mdm, Adb, Pit and other vital commands to facilitate programming. Download the free Muslim Odin program, the latest version

Download Free Muslim Odin  All Versions

Features of Muslim Odin Tool

Supports zip and rar files, as well as editing, splitting flash and converting to official ROM in tar.md5 format without having to simply name it tar. Entering and exiting download mode is supported.

This feature in addition to the explanation in the video will be useful if you have multiple phones that work but without a password. If the button is disabled, you can benefit from this feature Explanation in the video. When you choose a BL file, it selects the other files on its own and arranges them in order to save you time.

Download Muslim Odin All Versions

muslim odin v1

muslim odin v2.0

muslim odin v3.0 free download

Explanation of the Islamic Odin | Explanation of the Islamic Odin program

If you make copies of a piece of Quad-FlashYou can press the red button to install it with the flashes that came with it.

It includes all the home and ADB files, as well as some FRP removal files.

It comes with definitions to help you solve all your problems and correctly identify Samsung phones in Windows 10 and other operating systems. Since it is well known that the problem of definitions arises from the combination of many unsupported definitions from different applications. The latest package has been added from the official Samsung website.

Supports automatic definition installation and browser opening on all types of phones.

After pressing the letter S, you can split, modify and copy the modified flash, as well as copy any file you want from it.

It supports bypass Sha256 problem caused by Windows and tar file decompression technology. It happens after flashing started on three Samsung phone models.

  • Muslim Odin latest version
  • It contains MDM files for phones that are protected in this way.
  • All Samsung phones can be flashed quickly and safely.
  • Includes important KG and RMM files.
  • Although the software does not require it, it does feature a Set MD5 button. Which makes custom flashes official and supported by any other Odin.
  • Includes all FRP files for phones that support Reset Frp By UserData.
  • Lock screen removal, rooting and DRK repair are supported.
  • Supports deleting Google account and all its files in ADB mode.
  • Where you will find all the ADB files.
  • Supports creation of MDM, ADB and PIT files.
  • Supports quick and easy organization of flash files by making BL copies of any of them and clicking the red button.
  • In MTP mode, the format is supported.
  • It allows you to enter and exit download mode.
  • Support reading phone data, understanding flash and state.

As promised, it now supports all devices.I finished programming and designing the second version of the Islamic Odin program from the ground up, and I added a loophole to open the browser for all phones supported by Oppo Huawei Samsung infinix zte lg and others. Which makes the work easier for each user and install drivers automatically on each phone. While watching, the program chooses the appropriate program and installs it.

Because programming is also a form of creativity, all the files for activating the developer mode are included as well as the files and the letter S to move the flash to another location. Allowing you to add the flash variable ready and whatever else the file you choose back into the program.

Solve the problem of Muslim Odin v2

It also allows quick and easy arrangement of flash drives after making copies and pressing the red button.

It allows you to create a variety of files, including Mdm, Adb, and Pit. I have also added kg, rmm and other files, as well as removing the Google account. Available loopholes in the market and links to all allowed sites. 

I hope that the Islamic Odin program will receive your admiration from a creative technical site. For more important and distinctive applications, you can visit the Android section of the site. Thank you.

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