Download BIOS update programs for all types of motherboards

BIOS - a set of microprograms that provide interaction of hardware system components. Its code is written to a special chip located on the motherboard, and it can be replaced with another code - a new one or an old one. It is always a good idea to keep the BIOS updated, as this avoids many problems, especially component incompatibilities. Today we will talk about programs that help update the BIOS code.

GIGABYTEBIOS BIOS update software

As can be seen from the title, this program is designed to work with "motherboards" from Gigabyte. It allows you to update the BIOS in two modes - manually, using a previously downloaded firmware, and automatic - with a connection to the official server of the company. Additional functions Save dumps to hard disk, reset settings to default settings and delete DMI data.


ASUS BIOS update software

This program, which is included in the package named "ASUS Update", is similar in functionality to the previous one, but is targeted exclusively at Asus motherboards. He also knows how to "sew up" the BIOS in two ways, to make backup copies of dumps, to change parameter values ​​to the original ones.

Download ASUS BIOS Update

ASRock BIOS Update Program

Instant Flash cannot be considered a full program, as it is part of the BIOS on ASRock motherboards and is a flash utility for rewriting chip code. It is accessed from the setup menu at system startup.

Download ASRock Instant Flash

All programs from this list help to "flash" BIOS on "motherboards" from different vendors. The first two can be run directly from Windows. When interacting with them, it should be remembered that such solutions, which help facilitate the process of updating the code, are fraught with certain risks. For example, an accidental failure in the operating system can lead to the inoperability of the device. This is why these programs should be used with caution. The utility from ASRock is devoid of this drawback, since its work is minimally affected by external factors.

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