Download the IMEI repair program for all Infinix, Tecno, IPO and Mizu phones

How to fix the imei of all Infinix phones and phones working with mtk processors in Turkey and Syria:

Today, exclusively on the ARZT Mobile TECH website, we will explain to you the method of restricting or Turkifying in Turkey and the customs of phones in Syria that do not work on the network.

Download the IMEI repair program for all Infinix, Tecno, IPO and Mizu phones

It will be by changing the phone’s imei from the unattended amy on the network to an unattended amy so that the phones can connect again in the local network.

We will use a free program that does not need a dongle or pix, nor to subscribe and pay money 

In the beginning, we need to download the Maui Meta 10 program, which you will find at the bottom of the article

Original USB cable and phone battery only charged 

The tools we need to restrict Infinix phones and all MTK MediaTek phones.

Maui Meta 10 is completely free to download from here


Mtk phones drivers

original usb cable

Explanation of the method of restricting Infinix phones in Turkey and its customs in Syria and other countries.

The repair of the IMEI number under the battery that was lost due to the wrong flashing and other software problems resulting from human errors.

Disclaimer: The author of the topic and the site is not responsible for any process that violates the law in your country under any item.

  1. Infinix imei repair without boxes or paid software
  2. Download Maui META 10 
  3. We open the tool and click on connect
  4.  We connect the phone to the computer and it is completely off, and we wait for a while until the connection is made and the phone is read.
  5. The word connected will appear in green on the Maui META 10 interface 
  6. We click on load DB
  7. Now, from the left, we search for the “İMEİ Download” option. 
  8. We write the imei as we want on the Maui META program
  9. We click on the Write Maui field to write the imei.
  10. Then we press DISCONNECT
  11. Then we turn on the phone and we will find that the imei has changed and the network is usually to the phone. It is very simple and does not require knowledge.

Important note:

All files and solutions are made and tired by the personal team, and we distribute and publish them for free, Arabic and international content

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