Download IsmaelTM Flash tool V1.0.0.20 to store firmware files for Samsung phones:

What is the free IsmaelTM Flash Tool V1.0.0.20?

IsmaelTM Flash tool V1.0.0.20 is used to store firmware files (.tar and .tar.md5 formats) on Samsung Android phones and Windows PC. It flashes phone firmware for Windows PC developed by IsmaelTM  Smartphone Team and Android tablets. The most interesting thing is that Samsung uses this tool internally or in service centers as well. Moreover, with the help of IsmaelTM Flash tool, you can install both official and unofficial firmware without any restrictions and disable Knox security. This means that the warranty of your device will remain the same, and this is the most important thing.

Download IsmaelTM Flash Tool V1.0.0.20 latest version

Download IsmaelTM Flash tool to store firmware files for Samsung phones:

File size: 16 MB
Compatible operating system: all versions of Windows 
A second download link in case the first link did not work to download IsmaelTM Tool V1.0.0.20 

Ismael TM Flash tool features:

  • Flash Stock Rom
Flash Stock or Custom ROM
Update all your Samsung devices
Unlock Samsung phones with IsmaelTM Flash Tool.
  • 2. Restore the custom ROM or flash: 
This tool allows you to install Custom Recovery such as TWRP or CWM Recovery on your Samsung smartphone. 
  • Flash Custom  Kernel:
 using this option
 You can flash custom Kernel on Samsung smartphone.
  •  Flash Root Package: 
IsmaelTM Flash Tool allows all users to flash custom root on your Samsung Smartphone.
  • easy to use: 
 This  IsmaelTM Flash Tool V1.0.0.20 supports  all tar, md5, smd, gz, tgz formats and is an easy-to-install utility for your PC or laptop.


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