F1 Manager 2022: Update 1.11 brings an improved Safety Car

Formula 1 manager simulator "F1 Manager 2022" gets some improvements today. Among other things, the behavior of the Safety Car has been improved. Learn all about the new patch in this article.

 The developers at Frontier Developments have completed and released  Update 1.11 for F1 Manager 2022Check out the December 6 patch notes below to see what the patch includes.

The new "F1 Manager 2022 Update 1.11" is now available for all platforms. In addition to the Safety Car, many other corners and edges have been improved, such as the weather and the sliding range!

F1 Manager 2022: Update 1.11 brings an improved Safety Car

F1 Manager 2022 Update 1.11 Patch Notes


  • Updated safety car to allow lapped cars to ride themselves if required 
  • Overtaking behavior has been improved to allow cars to turn under normal racing conditions if they are showing enough speed compared to the car on the lead lap 
  • Low power DRS performance 
  • Increased effective sliding range, meaning that trailing cars will be affected by sliding flow at greater distances behind a leading car 
  • Increased effective "polluted air" range, meaning that trailing vehicles are affected by polluted air at greater distances behind a leading vehicle 
  • Added 'Aerodynamic Balance' option to Settings menu in Game tab. This option allows players to choose between the "Recommended" setting with all air balance updates in update 1.11, or the "Original" setting where these changes are inactive. After updating to 1.11, all players will default to the "Recommended" setting. Players can only switch between these settings when they are in the HQ or the main menu; This option cannot be changed during a race weekend. 


  • Fixed an issue that caused inadvertently inaccurate weather forecasts in the Track Condition panels 

Racing simulator 

  • Increased tire wear limit for AI cars to stop under safe car conditions 

Razer Chroma 

  • Additional support for Razer Chroma peripherals. This includes the team colors, racing flags (red, yellow, and checkered), replays, and "lights out" sequences. 

Auto parts development 

  • Rush Crafting description has been updated to remove incorrect information 
  • The performance gap of the delta DRS statistic is now more significant, which increases its potential effectiveness 

oil consumption 

  • Updated pre-session text string on screen to remove inaccurate details
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