Samsung touch malfunction: cause and solution

The touch screen allows the use of smart phones smoothly, however, the problem of the touch screen not responding in Samsung phones and other brands is a common problem, and this problem hinders the use of the phone, and the situation may become worse when the user is unable to perform any activity, and fortunately, There are some troubleshooting steps that can be tried to help solve the problem without having to send the phone to a specialist. In this article, the most important reasons that may cause the touch screen of Samsung phones to stop working will be discussed, and the most important ways to solve this problem.

Samsung touch malfunction: cause and solution

The reasons for the failure of the touch screen in Samsung phones

The following are the most common problems that may cause the screen to stop working in Samsung phones:

  • Physical damage: Physical damage to the touch screen can cause it to not respond to touch, such as dropping the phone on the ground, or dropping an object on the phone, which may damage the screen.
  • Software bug causing apps to crash: Sometimes there is a software issue with one of the device apps, which causes the touch screen to become unresponsive to user touches.
  • Device operating system problem: There may be a problem with the device operating system, and here the device needs a special repair process to fix the problem.
  • Wrong settings: Your phone device may not recognize touch inputs, if the basic settings of the device are incorrect.

Ways to solve the problem of not responding to the touch screen in Samsung phones

Before you start trying to fix the problem, you must remove all screen protectors, cases, or any other accessories that may come into contact with the screen, and you must also make sure that the touch screen is dry and clean, and remove gloves if the user is wearing them, as the screen may not recognize touches through gloves or Very dry and cracked fingers, here are the most important ways to solve the problem of unresponsive touch screen in Samsung phones:

Reboot the device

Reboot the device by pressing and holding the volume down key and the power key for 7-10 seconds to perform a reboot or soft reset, and on phones without a dedicated power key, by pressing and holding the volume down key and the side for 7 to 10 seconds.

Remove the memory card and SIM card

While performing various functions, the smartphone heats up and this hinders its performance, it also affects the touch screen and makes it not respond properly, here removing the memory card and SIM card can be a better way to solve this problem.

Check for a system update

You must check for a system update, by going to and opening Settings, then clicking on Software update or System update, and clicking on Check for updates or Download and install and install), if an update is available, and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update installation.

Run the device in safe mode

When the above methods do not work, you can boot your Samsung device into Safe Mode, this procedure will help to identify if the problem is caused by a newly installed app, this is done by pressing the power button for a long time Until the playback menu options appear on the screen, then press for a long time on the shutdown button and the message will appear on the screen asking to restart, after making this modification, it is possible for the device to work properly.

Boot your broken phone into recovery mode and clear the cache of the phone

If the problem of the touch screen not working on the Samsung phone still exists, you can try to boot the device into Recovery Mode, as factory reset will erase all data.

This process will erase all the data and all the user needs to do is create a backup to safely restore the device data later.

Fix Samsung system problem

If the previous methods cannot fix the problem of the Samsung touch screen not working, the problem may be in the operating system itself, and it does not matter if the user does not know what the problem is, he can resort to the DroidKit tool (Android Repair Tool) to fix his device, but before Doing so, you must create a backup for fear of losing device data during the process, and being able to restore it later.

Contact Samsung Support

In the event that all methods fail to fix the problem of the touch screen not responding, you can contact the experts in Samsung support, and tell them about the problem to solve it.

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