Download Geeklock Utility Tool free version 100% working

Geeklock Utility Tool is a versatile and powerful tool for Windows computers specifically designed to help users to fix any software issue they may be experiencing. It is not just limited to a single purpose, but instead comes with a variety of features to ensure that the user’s computer is running optimally.

The Geeklock Utility Tool has the ability to remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection) from a device, reset data in an ADB mode, remove Samsung OPPO Update Enable Diag Port (ADB / ROOT), unbrick software (Fastboot), Huawei ID (Factory Fastboot), Comm Server MOTO (Fastboot), device information (Fastboot), ADB Action, and Fastboot Action. With just a single CLI tool, users can easily fix a variety of software issues without having to install or activate anything else.

Download Geeklock Utility Tool free version 100% working

The tool also includes a variety of helpful features such as a backup and restore tool, a system optimizer, and a recovery mode. This allows the user to have complete control over their device, allowing them to make changes to the system, or even restore it back to its original state if something goes wrong.

Overall, the Geeklock Utility Tool is a great tool for Windows computers and is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their device running as smoothly as possible. It is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to keep their computer running optimally.

Download Geeklock Utility Tool free version 100% working

File name: Geeklock Utility Tool v0.0.0.10.rar

File size: 1.6 MB

Compatible operating system: Windows

The link to download the Geek Lock Utility Tool is from here

Features of Geeklock Utility Tool v0.0.0.10:

The listed features of the 'Geeklock' tool are various functions that can be performed on your Android device. These include:
  1. FRP (Factory Reset Protection)
  2. Tercel Wipe/Lock - Allows users to remove a lock on the device.
  3. SAM / OPPO / MI Updates
  4. Reboot in Recovery - Allows users to reboot the device in recovery mode.
  5. Reboot into Fastboot
  6. Reset to System - Allows users to restore the device's factory settings.
  7. Remove Securitylogagent
  8. New FRP - Allows users to set a new Google Account verification process on the device.
  9. Install Gboard - This allows users to install the Gboard keyboard app on their device.
  10. Install Magisk - This allows users to install the Magisk root management app on their device.
  11. Bypass KG Locked by APK
  12. Bypass KG Locked by CMD - Allows users to bypass KG lock on the device using command line commands.
  13. EDL mode - Allows users to access Emergency Download Mode (EDL) on the device.
  14. Open Settings
  15. Force close ADB
  16. DIAG Xiaomi APK - Allows users to diagnose problems on a Xiaomi device using the APK.
  17. Xiaomi Info - Allows users to view information about the Xiaomi device.
  18. Motorcycle Info - Allows users to view information about a motorcycle.
  19. Huawei Info - Allows users to view information about their Huawei device.
  20. Huawei ID - Allows users to view the Huawei ID associated with the device.
  21. Repair IMEI > Motorcycle - Allows users to repair the IMEI of a motorcycle.
  22. Reset
  23. Motorcycle Factory Reset - Allows users to return the motorcycle to factory settings.
  24. Unbrick A/B System - Allows users to unbrick A/B system on the device.
  25. Install Motorcycle Flash - This allows users to install a flash file on a motorcycle.
  26. Activate Factory Mode Motorcycle
  27. Lock/Unlock Bootloader 
  28. CommServer Motorcycle
  29. Get original logo
  30. Fix Logo One Click Allows users to fix the logo on the device with a single click.
  31. Enable Port Diag [MI]
  32. Samsung Original IMEI
  33. NV SAM MTK Backup MediaTek device.
  34. Write NV SAM MTK 
  35. Auto Fix Logo Up_param
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