Download the UAT PRO V150.01 Huawei Update tool, the latest update

What is UAT PRO V 150.01 Huawei Update?

UAT PRO V150.01 is a small utility. It allows users many features to help users to fix Android unlocks or flashings. The tool comes with support for almost all mobile smartphones that come with Qualcomm and MediaTek processor. But you need to purchase the tool after downloading and logging in the tool.

UAT PRO V 150.01 Huawei Update is a major update for Huawei users that brings a wealth of new features and improvements to the Huawei mobile experience.This update is the latest version of the UAT PRO software package, which is designed to provide users with the latest updates and improvements for their Huawei devices. With this update, users can expect a more efficient, seamless, and secure experience when using their Huawei devices.  

Download the UAT PRO V150.01 Huawei Update tool, the latest update

One of the major improvements with "UAT PRO V150.01 Huawei Update " is the improved security. Huawei has added a new security feature that provides users with additional protection against malware and viruses. This feature will help protect users from any potential security threats that may be present on their Huawei devices. Another big improvement with the UAT PRO V150.01 Huawei Update is the improved performance. Huawei has improved the Huawei mobile experience to make it faster and more efficient. This includes reducing power consumption, improving device speed, and providing an overall better user experience. 

"UAT PRO V 150.01 Huawei Update" also brings an improved camera experience. The camera on the Huawei device has been improved to provide users with better quality photos and videos. The update also adds a new feature that allows users to take panoramic photos and videos with their Huawei devices.

Download UAT PRO V 150.01 Huawei Update

File Name: UAT PRO V 150.01 Huawei Update.rar

File size: 57.7 MB

Compatible operating system: Windows

UAT PRO V 150.01 Huawei Update tool download link from  MEGA

The most important features of the UAT PRO V 150.01 Huawei Update program

  • samsung
    • Repair IMEI
    • CERT read
    • Write CERT
    • Network repair
    • FRP Reset 
    • Flash Samsung phones
    • Read QCN
    • Type QCN
    • Read security 
    • Security Scan 
    • Security restore 
    • read efs
    • EFS scan
    • EFS restore
    • DRK repair
    • Repair IMEI
    • FRP Reset
    •  Decode, flashing
    • Repair IMEI
    • Security read
    •  Security Scan 
    •  decryption
    •  DRK repair
    • FRP Reset 
  • ZTE
    • FRP Reset
    • coordination
    • read firmware
    •  Writing firmware
    •  Backup/write/erase security
  • xiaomi
    • Remove the MI account
    • FRP Reset 
    •  Format [Sideload Mode] 
    • Repair IMEI
    • Backup
    • Security Scan
  • ASUS
    • FRP Reset 
    • Format, IMEI Repair, Flash
  • oppo 
    • FRP Reset
    •  Repair IMEI
    •  decryption 
    •  Factory reset 
    •  Firmware backup
    •  Writing firmware 
    •  Single flash partition manually
    • Read information (Diag mode)
    • Unlock / reset the bootloader
    •  Backup/Restore QCN
    •  Reset FRP/IMEI
  • Motorola 
    • FRP Reset
  • Other features:
    • Find the certificate key ID
    • Certificate validator (check certificate before writing)
    • Fix "Please call me"
    • ODIN Firmware Generator Format (.tar .md5)
    • "Sprint" unlock/re-lock
    • Enable all languages
    • Factory settings
    • Restart download mode
    • FRP Reset (Old Method, New Method) (Download Mode)
    • FRP reset (ADB mode for Android 4.xx, 5.xx, 6.xx, 7.xx)
    • Partition tool for firmware backup
    • Enable DIAG
    • Enable USB debugging
    • 3 types of flashes:
    • full flasher
    • Custom flasher (up to one file of the entire firmware can be flashed)
    • BIN/IMG flasher (*.bin or *.img Format can be flashed)
    • ADB tab
    • Ready data
    • Enable DIAG
    • disable diag
    • Reset theft lock
    • backup contacts
    • restore contacts
    • Anti-malware
    • Factory setting repair
    • Read Gmail ID
    • Language enabled
    • Build a suitable editor
    • Reboot
    • FastBoot to Normal
    • recovery mode
    • download mode
    • RUU mode
    • ADB to EDL mode
    • FastBoot to EDL mode
    • key tool
    • sound processor
    • Any audio file can be copied or deleted
    • vcf reader
    • capture screen
    • FastBoot wipes
    • FastBoot Recovery flasher
    • FastBoot Zip Flasher
  • MTK
    • decrypt mtk
    • Read MTK codes
    • MTK Repair Wi-Fi
    • MTK Backup Contacts
    • MTK Contacts Recovery
    • MTK read/write NV (.tar, .bin format)
    • MTK FRP reset (two ways)
    • Repair MTK IMEI
    • identification mode
    • ATE mode
    • ADB mode (MTK, Allwinner)
    • MTK Factory Flasher
    • MTK backup partition
    • MTK Repair Network
    • MTK read/write NVRAM
    • Read MTK information (Flash mode)
  • Qualcomm
    • New security
    • old security
    • Read/write QCN
    • IMEI Repair (5 Methods)
    • NV method
    • Qualcomm's public method
    • UAT method
    • EFS method
    • Venus Vestel method
    • Read information
    • DIAG mode
    • normal mode
    • Backup security
    • Wipe Security (ADB + Root، EDL)
    • Security Restore (ADB + Root, EDL)
    • Wipe Security (ADB، EDL، FastBoot)
    • Enable DIAG
    • General quality control method
    • ASUS QC method
    • Huawei QC method
    • FRP reset (EDL MODE -> 
    • Reset FRP (ADB mode
    •  FastBoot mode)
    • Factory Reset (EDL Mode -> 
    • Clear EFS (EDL Mode -> 
    • EFS restore (EDL mode -> 
    • EFS Backup (EDL mode -> 
    • Qualcomm CPU Finder (EDL mode, QDLoader 9008 port)
    • Qualcomm flasher (EDL mode, QDLoader port 9008 - FastBoot mode)
    • Qualcomm manual flasher (EDL mode, QDLoader 9008 port
    • Qualcomm Partition List (EDL mode, QDLoader port 9008 
    • Qualcomm firmware backup specific partition)
    • Qualcomm Scan Tool (Manual mode, EDL mode, QDLoader 9008 port
    • Qualcomm public decoder by Diag
    • Qualcomm Remove FRP in EDL mode for 25 Qualcomm chips
    • Qualcomm Remove FRP in Fastboot Mode
    • Qualcomm reset locks (no data loss)
    • Qualcomm Format (Factory Reset)
    • Qualcomm Check Bootloader Status (EDL Mode)
    • Qualcomm Decode Bootloader (EDL Mode)
    • Qualcomm Relock Bootloader (وضع EDL)
    • Qualcomm QCN read/write by Diag
    • Most Qualcomm CPUs are supported.
  • Huawei
    • Huawei MTK
    • Read lock code
    • Decode
    • Repair IMEI
    • Huawei Qualcomm
    • Read safety
    • Type security
    • FRP Reset
    • Huawei Hisilicon
    • read nv
    • Type NV
    • Huawei app firmware flasher
    • Manual flasher from Huawei
    • Huawei Flasher application through QDLoader mode
  • HTC
    • S-OFF ، S-ON
    • Write down the IMEI
    • write med
    • Type CID
    • CID finder
    • HTC MTK flasher
    • HTC RU Flasher (RUU.exe)
    • HTC Zip Flasher
  • Xiaomi (MI)
    • Account Lock Reset (EDL Mode, FastBoot Mode)
    • Factory Reset (FastBoot Mode)
    • Factory Reset (Slide Load Mode)
    • Remove Cloud APK
    • xiaomi flasher
    • FastBoot mode (supports batch files or files from folder)
    • EDL flasher
    • Reboot in EDL mode
    • FastBoot to EDL mode
    • Backup security
    • Security scan
  • Microsoft
    • Microsoft Windows Phones
    • Read extended information
    • Write firmware
    • factory settings
    • NVI update
    • Product code update
    • eBoot to normal mode
  • LG
    • Reset screen locks (download mode)
    • Reset FRP (Download Mode)
    • Factory reset (download mode)
    • LG Flasher (Beta)
    • Repair LG IMEI
    • LG decoder
    • Reset LG locks
    • LG Backup/Restore/Security Reset
    • LG read / write QCN
    • LG Download Firmware by IMEI
  • Motorola
    • Repair IMEI (Double IMEI)
    • SP decoder
    • FRP Reset
    • Factory reset (Normal mode and FastBoot mode)
    • Bootloader unlock / re-lock
    • Motorola browser flasher
    • Motorola manual flasher
    • Flasher Motorola Xml
  • Nokia
    • Install / Uninstall
    • Google services
    • Check root status
    • not root
    • Easy to root
    • Sony
    • sony flasher
    • factory reset (ADB)
    • Reset all locks (ADB)
    • Clear user data
    • Clear cache
    • Scan baseband
    • Kernel scanning
  • Open FRP
    • FRP tab
    • FRP Reset HTC
    • Huawei reset
    • FRP Reset Itel
    • Lava FRP Reset
    • FRP Reset Lenovo
    • Reset FRP Motorola
    • Remove the MI account
    • FRP Reset Micromax
    • FRP Reset MTK
    • Reset FRP OPPO
    • Qualcomm FRP reset
    • FRP reset Samsung ADB
    • FRP reset the old Samsung way
    • FRP reset the new Samsung method
    • FRP Spreadrum Reset
    • FRP Reset Xiaomi
    • FRP re Yuforia
    • reset FRP ZTE
    • application wizard
    • Install single or multiple APK files to internal or external memory
    • Install single or multiple APK files in the system folder
    • Uninstall any specific APK file
    • Copy any given APK file to your system
    • APK extractor
  • ASUS
    • Repair ASUS IMEI
    • ASUS RAW Firmware Generator
    • ASUS Flasher (supports ZIP and RAW firmware)
    • ASUS Universal Reset FRP (Fastboot Mode)
    • ASUS Enable ADB
    • Positive BusyBox
    • BusyBox can be installed easily
    • ADB flasher
    • root
    • change root
    • Root checker
    • Anti-malware window
    • Entire applications will be displayed with their path and size
    • Can easily backup and remove any selection
    • ADB lock tool
    • Handles all ADB locks

Brands supported in EDL mode

  1. Acer
  2. Alcatel
  3. Asus
  4. Blu
  5. Cherry Mobile
  6. Coolpad
  7. HTC
  8. Huawei
  9. Lenovo
  10. LG
  11. Medicines
  12. Micromax
  13. OnePlus
  14. Oppo
  15. Swipe
  16. Vivo
  17. xiaomi
  18. YU
  19. ZTE

Finally, the UAT PRO V150.01 Huawei update brings new customization options to your Huawei device. Users can now customize their home screens with different wallpapers, themes, and icons. They can also add widgets to their home screen to enhance their user experience.

Overall, Huawei UAT PRO V 150.01 update is a great update for Huawei users. It brings with it enhanced security, performance, and customization options to help make your Huawei phone experience more enjoyable and secure. If you are looking for an update for your Huawei device, this is definitely one to consider.
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